How do I get him to admit his feelings for me?

I have a crush on this guy and I know he likes me but he won't tell me that he does and he always texts me an he says that he loves me but when I ask him if he likes me he says of course not so how do I get him to tell me


Most Helpful Girl

  • It's very hard to get a guy to admit his feelings, and if he doesn't feel comfortable/ready it is basically a lost battle. I find that the younger the guy is, the tougher this issue becomes to deal with. If you know he likes you, why do you need to hear it from him? I guess maybe if you are very close and admit your feelings to him, he might feel more comfortable about it. The same thing happened to me-there is a guy I am close with and I am pretty sure he likes me, and my friends think he does too, but he's very "ew, why would I like you" to me