How do I get him to admit his feelings for me?

I have a crush on this guy and I know he likes me but he won't tell me that he does and he always texts me an he says that he loves me but when I ask him if he likes me he says of course not so how do I get him to tell me


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  • It's very hard to get a guy to admit his feelings, and if he doesn't feel comfortable/ready it is basically a lost battle. I find that the younger the guy is, the tougher this issue becomes to deal with. If you know he likes you, why do you need to hear it from him? I guess maybe if you are very close and admit your feelings to him, he might feel more comfortable about it. The same thing happened to me-there is a guy I am close with and I am pretty sure he likes me, and my friends think he does too, but he's very "ew, why would I like you" to me


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  • *do it privately for those type of questions, and try to minimize the number of questions or fact finding/thought provoking responses to him*...guys don't operate well in the feelings arena, takes time for them to get comfortable with talking about emotional stuff may want to try linking things that he likes to talk about or do, to guide the conversation and leverage what you want from him, but still keep in mind the first rule*


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  • Save one of his text messages where he says he loves you and next time you see him ask him again if he likes you. If he still says no show him the text he sent you and ask him why he sent it if he doesn't like you. Don't be mean about it or pick on him about it. Be sincere. One question I have is do you like this guy or does he just like you? If you like him than make sure he knows it. Maybe if he knows it he will say it to you too and you guys can go out.