Would you girls fart in a guy's face if they wanted you to?

would you fart in there face a lot of times to make him smell them if they ask you to do it?

ok now would you let a guy eat your ass hole some girls like but some dont


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  • not in his face. but I do have a guyfriend who said he has never had a girl fart in his presence before and his girlfriend (also my friend but I've been friends with the guy longer) didn't do it and he said his life would be complete if he could at least hear a girl fart once just to see what it's like. so I did and he wigged out like a 5 year old and said "oh my gosh that was so cool! do it again!" I swear I couldn't stop laughing after the first 10 mins. then he took my hand and said "thank you, now I can die completely happy. you are the best chick friend I've ever had" and hugged me.

    just to clarify, I would fart in the same room as a guy if he wanted me to or didn't care but never in his face and not if he thinks its really gross. ha ha ^_^

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      if a girl did that to me thats really pretty... I would fall in love and dream about her for the rest of my life <3.. I wouldn't be able to inerpretate myself..