Something is missing in the relationship?

What does that mean? They are letting you go or what? Sounds like a lame excuse to me so I would like to know your thoughts


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  • Usually it's exactly that, a lame excuse. Often it means they don't know what is wrong, and don't want to take the time or trouble to find out what it is. It's easier just to find someone else.and then discover something is missing there as well.

    I can't see why people wouldn't want to at least find out what's missing before walking away!

    That's why it's often just an excuse. Maybe they decided they aren't comfortable around you and don't want to say that, so instead they use this meaningless phrase.

    Cowardly it what I would call it for starters. A person who says this is someone shallow, to say the least.

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      I will never for sure as to why he said it but either way, you hit it dead on!!