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What does it mean to take advantage of someone?

what does it mean to take advantage of someone?

Not sexually.

I ment, like a guy emotionaly taking advantage of a girl

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  • emotionally?

    i guess like, if the guy knows a girl likes him, he would use this attraction to manipulate her. like, to persuade her to do something he wants her to do for him (not necessarily sexual).

    the same with girls. like golddiggers and people like that.

What Guys Said 1

  • "Sweetie, will you make me a sandwich ; )?"

    "oh, I SOOOO forgot to do that assignment. Can I copy yours?"

    "I need a ride to practice. My friends do too"

What Girls Said 3

  • He tells you what you want to hear to get what he wants

  • like if someone has a car lets say & you only wanna chill with them jus so they can drive you around


    when they have a lot of money you take advantage of them so they can buy you food or buy you things

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