Guys: when a guy stares deeply into a woman's eyes, is persistent with holding his gaze, what's he thinking?

Please any and all thoughts? It's important that I know! Be completely honest with me, because this guy that I like, that I think likes me too, did that all the time. However, he never said, "Chondell I like you"!


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  • Impossible to know. It could be burning love, or the raging pimple forming between your eyes. You'll need to interact more to find out.

    • haha nice. that didn't help me at all, but I commend you for making me laugh.

      Jamaica Outtttttttttttttttt

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  • I agree with hALLDAY that when a guys stares into a girl's eyes he's generally attracted to her.
    I once saw this video about what cues in people's way of looking/staring indicate that they feel attracted to you:


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  • It means he knows that you will be on asking about his eye gaze therefore he does it.

    Seriously though, it means he is putting his nervousness aside and making deep eye contact with you because he likes you. Eye contact is a way of building rapport and trust, so he is doing it because he feels comfortable around you. Consider also his facial expressions, if he never thwarts is eye gaze and has a blank expression on his face it means he's a f***ing creeper and has a staring problem.

    If he tilts his head and looks in your eyes, its a good sign, especially if he smiles while doing it and looks you straight in your pupils.

    • hahah the creeper stare? nice hahah. yeah thank the Lord, he wasn't looking at me in a cannibalistic sort of way, but I suppose it doesn't matter anymore. I cannot be with the man, so I'm just stuck wondering, and miserable...Thanks!

      Jamaica Outttttttt

  • "Wow she's b-e-a-utiful".

    When a guys stares (consistently/prolonged ) into your eyes he usually finds you attractive.

    • same answer..

    • what about when he takes it a step further, and does like a double take at you? I don't want to assume absolutely anything by the way, so that is why I'm asking? I'm human with thoughts and feelings too, just like a guy, but at the end of the day, I will never truly think like a guy, so that is why I asking, in all fairness, a guy to truthfully tell me.

      Jamaica Outtttttttttt

    • One can only guess that this means interest.

  • Its a body language sign.

  • My guess is that he finds you anywhere from attractive to hot ...males will stare when they can't believe what they are seeing and/or when they like what they see...and wish to examine more closely and burn the image into their mind. We will not normally stare at somone or something that we do not like the look of...and, like females, we are aware that it might elicit a response from someone that we are not interested in. Not a mind reader and can't speak for all malesbut that is what I think...

    • Hmm interesting, thank you actually. Now, how can you figure out or not if there is an interest or not? Okay, I can appreciate, someone staring at something they admire or find aesthetically pleasing, to say the least hahah. However, what else could that tell you? I might stare at a really nice car, but that doesn't mean I want to buy it, but I may also stare at another nice car, and have every intention of buying it. So since you're a guy, how can I differentiate between the two?

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    • hahah yeah I pretty much suck!

      Jamaica Outttttttttttt

    • Thanks for saying that. I have always felt guys wouldn't bother with a girl they didn't want a response from because it might start something they don't know how to get out of.

  • miss, hopefully you are still interested in a answer because I have one. I am19 and from past experiences I remember staring at this girls eye the one I liked and she liked me too I am 99.9% sure she did. Well she noticed me I noticed her and then we were about 2 steps away from each other and we both stared at each others eyes for about 3 sec. Now that may seem like a little time but walking and starting someone on the eyes you like seems like an eternity. Now I am not gonna lie this girl I am talking about never spoke to me and I never spoke to her so we never met 4 years in high school , although we did have a few classes together. Part of the reason I never told her how I felt was because I was sort of self-centric and I guess you could say arrogant with a lot of pride. I did notice her trying to make eye contact during class and whenever we passed each other but after my junior year I began to completely ignore her because I decided even 2 years before high school ended I decided I wanted a romantic tragedy with this girl that way in the future she would be a regret but then again I can keep a nice memory of her. so then last year 2012 on the leap day February 29 we made that sort og great but then again me with my defenses up awkward stare. now I have eyes and she has some too but whatever the reason was which still I don't completely understand either I never intended on making this girl mine and now that I see and reflect how the past 3 have been for me I sort of regret ever laying eyes on this girl. what I have learned form this experience was simply to ask questions to avoid the dramas that life brings. if I could go back in time first day of my sophomore year I would have asked her how she felt and if she said nothing I would have smiled and told her thank you and moved on as the happiest man in the world. now if she would have said yes to be honest may have been good for awhile but like we all know nothing ever lasts forever. well this is my story and you may want to reread this and remember don't play along with mind games too long its a waste of time, seriously.

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