Why do girls always play mind games?

this is one question I'm sure every freaking guy out there would like to know. the answer to. it would be so much easier if girls jsut came out honestly instead of being tricky and stuff and playing mind games


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  • There are plenty of women out there who are straightforward and honest. I haven't met too many men that can handle that.

    I feel that men have such a warped idea of the type of women they want.

    We have to be innocent, but if we don't put out, we're teases.

    We have to be beautiful, but if we make the effort, we're shallow.

    We have to be happy with the way you are, but if we don't want to change ourselves to suit you, we're difficult.

    We have to be sexy, but other guys notice it, we're sluts.

    And if we tell you the truth and you don't want to hear it, we're ball breaking bitches.

    Most men can't handle a woman that doesn't play games. The ones that are upfront about what they want, the ones who are independent, self sufficient, and don't care what other people think about them. They're the ones who find men because they enjoy the company of the opposite sex, not because they feel incomplete without a man. They are the ones that embrace their sexuality and who would love you for who you are - because they expect exactly the same in return.

    So, some girls play games because they can - you guys keep going for them so why should they stop?

    • SS... I find this brilliant, insightful and interesting. Definitely a foundation for a valuable conversation. Care to communicate seperately about this?

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  • We do not want to put ourselves out there until we know he likes us so we play the gmes to get inside of there heads. To find out what they want, if they like us, and etc. Once we get the information we need then the games stop in some cases.

    However, for me its not that way. I would totally prefer being straight up honest with a guy. If I'm just looking for a booty call I'll him up front. If I am not looking for sex just a friend I tell him. Whatever the situation is I'm honest. I think that's the best way to go.

  • because, if we're not sure that the guy likes us, we're afraid of rejection just like most guys.

    also many of us realize [hopefully] that if a girl goes after a guy in some way even by just telling him that she likes him then the guy will most likely become passive, which isn't good.

    • Oh nice putting this comment on every answer...it just makes YOU look ever so very stupid. burn!

      plus a guy seems to respect me less and ignore me more whenever I seem to be after him in some way.

  • some girls don't play mind games, they are just scared because they have been hurt before, and don't want to let anyone in. If you like a girl, like really like her then tell her. But if you just want to have fun just tell her. Girls just want honesty. So just remember she plays games because she's scared and it's even more sometimes if she really likes u.

  • For one, not every girl plays mind games. I think it's mostly because they think it will make the guy more interested, whereas actually it defeats the point a bit!

  • Define mind games.

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  • It's a test. If you can't handle minor frustrations, she's too much woman for you.

    • lol not really, if she's nothing to me, then theys no lose.. I once told a girl if she has nothing to say to me, she should stop talking and wasting my time. because she was annoying and frustrating me, she would start a convo then leave me in the middle for no reason at all