Girls seeking father figures in an older man normal?

Let's say a girl really likes older men. Not for their money, she has her own. She is mature for her age and feels like she relates to them better. She also likes that they can take care of her more, almost like a father figure but not in an incestuous way. She doesn't have a bad relationship with her dad, or a deadbeat dad, or an abusive dad or whatever, but she just isn't super close with her dad in a lovey affectionate way the way some girls are with their dads, and part of what she likes about an older man is that he gives her that love and special care and type of affection that a younger guy can't give her.

What's so wrong about this? (The girl is in her 20s, of legal age)

Also, I kind of feel like men that age (say 40s) flirt with younger women but don't think the women would actually be interested in them because of the age difference and kind of assume that the younger girl wouldn't want them. But if a man in his 40s did find out that a girl in her 20s is interested in him do you think he would actually go for her? Or would he be put off or weirded out by it, like "there's something off about this chick"


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  • To me it depends on his role in your life.

    Him having a father figure personality is a good trait to have. But will he be a father figure to you? Or to your kids (if you want kids)

    I would say the roles gets tricky when you want him to play the father role.

    He would be your boyfriend. Not your father.

    He can't be both.

    Also it would depend on way you're looking for. Some guys might me looking for an easy lay. Others not so much.

    You should talk to you dad and ask why he wasn't the Dad you wanted then ask yourself if you want the fatherly figure or not

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      Well the man I think of would be more like a boyfriend than a dad he just has that extra affection and can talk about things more maturely and from a different perspective than guys my age. Is he sexual to me? Absolutely.

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      I do...very much.

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      I read some of your other answers and I believe that you should be honest with your guy