If a guy cooks for you, does it mean you're really special to him?

I've only had one guy cook for me my whole life, but I don't know if it's just another way to get some or really sincere. What do you guys think?... Show More

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  • Depends, if cooking something he does allot for everyone, friends, family, his dog =P?

    I doubt his goal from cooking is to "get some", cooking is a bit out there with THAT goal in mind. I'd say either A) He is a good cook, is showing off and really enjoys cooking so he does it for everyone he can to impress them... or B) He really likes you and knows he CAN cook and that you will appreciate it, most likely he is a Acts of Service (Read the book the five love languages if you don't know this, which most people won't =P) which means he shows love and affection through doing acts of service for other people. IE Cooking, Cleaning, driving you to the store, ect ect.

    Hope this helps and good luck!