The people you attract are a reflection of you. What does this mean?

I read a quote once that said, "Who you attract is a reflection of who you are?" or something like that... What does that mean for you?

I know I've seen some of my faults in the people I've dated. I probably even noticed some new ones. Have you ever had an experience like that?

I think it kinda goes both ways meaning that the kind of people you're attracted to say something about you, too.


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  • Yes, there is also a quote that says, "When having trouble judging a man's character, look to his friends." Meaning that he is what he hangs around.

    Sometime it is true and sometimes it is not. Every situation is different, but I think that it is mainly true.

    In my case, it is true. I hang around honest people.

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  • I don't think it's so much the people you attract, as much as it is the people you keep. Like your friends.

  • I've heard that people marry someone just like one of their parents.

    I know that when I was broken, the guys I dated were also broken and/or had problems. You look for someone you can relate to.

  • It's a lie it means nothing

  • Not exactly.

    This is 50 percent accurate...and I understand what it means.

    What I think this is implying is usually the people who you "get along" with are going to have similar personalities with you...thus creating the attracting connection.

    So, it allot of cases people who meet people with those similarities...have shared or are going to share similar life experiences.

    But the reason I agree on 50 percent is because...I can't seem to comply how the possibilities of a person being "physically" attracted to someone creates this deep connection. It just seems inaccurate. In my life, I have meet multiple men who have absolutely nothing in common with me..but think of me as f*** worthy. I myself, have seen attractive dudes that I have absolutely nothing in common with...but I would like to f***. I just feel this statement relates to emotional or mental connection..not always physical. I can't guarantee from appearance how a person will behave...for me and I bet loads of other isn't possible. This is where that "Don't judge a book by its cover" theory comes into place.

    (Attraction has multiple ways of conducting itself...physical, mental, emotional, etc)

  • I had never thought about it before I saw your question. I usually find myself in a twisted situation with those who may be referred as bad boys in society but I'm a badass too so you might have a point

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  • Considering I avoid drama like the plague, I'm going to go ahead and call BS on that. Sorry.

    • You know, people who say they hate/avoid drama are usually the ones who start the most %&$#. :P

  • I'd say that what you believe about others depends on what you think of yourself.

    If I for example hate myself I'm probably gonna attract the opposite since they have qualities that I desire for myself. And if I'm a complete narcissist I will appreciate people that share the same traits as me.

    It's never one or the other of course, all of us have something we both like and dislike about ourselves. The ones that we feel most attracted to are most likely the ones that bring out the good in us and help us face the bad in us, in short the ones we feel "complete us".

    At the risk of sounding kinda corny, to me that's the beuty of a good relationship.

  • A reflection means they're the exact opposite.

    I'm male. My wife is female.

    I'm short. My wife is tall.

    I'm calm cool and collected. My wife flies off the handle easily.

    I'm ugly. My wife is beautiful.

    I'm left handed. My wife is right handed.

    My memory is like a sieve. My wife's memory is like an elephant.

    I have never struck my wife. She has hit me and punched me in the face many times.

    She has said she hates me a few times. I have NEVER said anything like that.

    She's been blessed with pregnancy once. I never had that privilege.

    A reflection = image of the exact opposite.

    If opposites attract, I guess that's us.

  • There is some truth to what you say,but I can't agree fully.For me I enjoy people who are different from me,because that makes things more interesting.Being with someone who agrees with EVERYTHING I have to say all the time can get boring,so having someone with different opinions and giving a new point of view for us to discuss is better.

    It all depends on the what kind of person they really.


    • IT wasn't my quote; it was someone else's. LOL, yeah I wasn't talking about agreeing with everything. I think it mainly referred more to different personality traits, good or bad. I know for me I've noticed some of my good and bad habits reflected in the people I date. :/

    • People do like being with people with common interests,so it makes sense.

  • It means opposites attract is a lie.

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