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Why does he stare but not talk to me?

So I like this guy, and I think he likes me too, but I'm really not sure! I don't know if he knows that I like him or not, but he always stares at... Show More

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  • He's in the early stages of liking you and is probably just either a bit unsure whether you like him enough for him to go up and to talk to you or he hasn't had the chance yet.
    If you like him, start flirting (e.g. don't look away so quick; look for three/four seconds or do the "look away after 3 seconds and look back for another 2 secs" thing as most guys pick-up on that) and I'm pretty certain he'll respond well.

What Guys Said 6

  • Yes, he stares at you cause he likes you, but it seems he is afraid of being ridiculed. Since we guys are so immature, this is what we do. We hang out with other guys and talk about girls. We all love to brag about the girl we got, specially if she looks hot. Even if we don't have a girl we still want to prove our studliness by talking about ' hot girls'; suddenly you find yourself liking an average girl, and by that, I man she is not a model. So now you're afraid that your friends will ridicule you, even if these friends got no girls of their own. So it seems that this guy fits into this category. Look at his answer, 'no seriously, do you?' Instead of being a man, and saying what he truly thinks, he needs to get the opinion of another guy, that way he is not exposing himself to ridicule. Sounds to me like an immature guy that likes you, but afraid to let his friends know about that fact cause they might make fun of him.

  • It most definitely means he likes you, no kidding. If he didn't like you, he wouldn't be doing all that now, would he? Plus he might just feel like he's the one bothering you, so don't be scared

  • He's interested but the locker thing creeps me out a little bit. I wasn't as bad but I used to do the staring thing to girls I was attracted to. Good chance he's afraid he'll get the answer he won't like so he keeps his distance. What the deal is with his friends I do not know. If you are interested, confront him yourself and make the first move. If not, confront him and tell him the staring is bothersome and to quit it.

  • It's because he's mentally sizing you to see if you'll fit in his freezer, run from this man

  • Just do him girl. You need sexual releas.

What Girls Said 3

  • okay, are you kidding? he is so totally in to you but just don't know what to do. He's really shy of you but try to make an impression so you'd be impressed or something. I have this crush I was trying to get over does the same to me except he don't talk and looks at me more often and he's really popular so all his friends spy on me. :-P I never felt ease in my classes anymore. They sort of take-notes down eveything I do.

  • HELL YA HES INTERESTED I kno dis becuz this happend to me, but I don't think he likes me nomore because I was playing hard to get toomuch but ya he likes you but he thinks you are a liar because first you told ur friend you had no boyfriend so he believed her but then he seen you talkin to him about ¨calls¨so that must really hurt him a lot and you kno how guys are with their ¨pride¨and thier MR. I DUNT CARE IF SHE DONT LIKE ME ATTITUDE ; I suggest that you talk to him, juss smile and say hi :)

  • doesn't sound like it. sounds like you're trying to read something into nothing. sorry

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