What is considered ugly, visually and personality wise?

Just curious..


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  • A non symmetrical appearance is considered ugly, for physical appearance. I mean one side of the face/teeth/legs/boobs you name it, not looking similar to the other one. Like if someone has one eye that can fully open and the other that can't because they have too much eyelid or something. It creates a weird and confusing kind of look that drives most people away, and puts most people off too.

    People who have a massive amount of non-symmetrical features get considered ugly. Those who don't are generally considered normal, and those lucky enough to be able to hide the flaws or indeed, have none at all, are considered beautiful, handsome, or smoking hot, depending on your opinion.

    Love always override those minor flaws, as well.

    Personality relates to anyone who has strong emotional ties to the more negative side of emotions, such as fear, anger, sadness and that sort of thing. Someone who gets angry quick and fast and lets the anger control their actions would be considered ugly, as well. Spiteful and nasty people are also considered ugly on the inside, because they have a more negative and mean outlook on life and other people - not fun to be with most of the time.

    My opinions anyway. I hope this helps you. :)


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  • For looks: I usually look at a girl and try to grasp the good things about her looks instead of the bad (which has got me some flak from my bros who say I have "bad taste.") For me, I really like girls with cure faces. If she has an average face but looks like she cares about her face and hygiene, that makes her more attractive to me because it implies confidence. Now, if a girl has a double chin and looks as if she could care less about how she looks, then its over for me right there. I think about what her unattractive physical attire could mean about her cognitive assessment of herself, i.e. low personality, emotional problems, etc.

    For personality: I've dated some bad apples.Girls who were considered "hot," but only knew how to act a fool and even cheat. This for me is UGLY. If you can't even focus on the world around you and nothing but yourself, then you deserve to be alone. Nuff said. Some people just need to understand that once they get their heads out of their asses, then they can finally work a relationship to its fullest.

  • As much as I LOVE his music, Axl Rose has caused 3 or 4 riots to date at his shows by walking out on the crowds for BS reasons, N when he played his first show with the "NEW" Guns 'N' Roses, he left word with security that if Slash or any of his former bandmates showed up, they were to be thrown out N banned from the premisis. THAT'S what I call ugly personality wise. Visually, I don't think of anyone as ugly. Shelly Duval (Jack Nicholson's wife in The Shining) is homely N not pretty AT ALL, but she's a beautiful person on the inside, so that cancels out her looks...

  • Visualy: Bad teeth, teribal amount of acne so it look like your face was chewed on or your face looks like it has blisters all over :P and greasy hair, huge thunder thys (but not sticks either), girls who look like I can splinter them if I f*** them and big forheads :P

    Personality: Mean, looks down on others, slutish out side of a relationship (I like kinky women but not ones the whore them selves), back stabers who gossip, girls who tease kids who are slow :( (I hit one girl who was doing so with this one kid on the bus)

  • Huge boobs. (To big for your body)

    Lots of makeup.

    Very into your looks.

    To name a few.

  • Sloppy dressing not clean and p*ss poor attitude

  • I hate sayings but beauty is really in the eye of the beholder. I have dated women that my friends say are gorgeous to odd looking. As someone else wrote on this question symetry is a big key to what people consider good looking. As on the inside-someone that can give nothing of themselves is what I consider ugly on the inside. Self absorbed=ugly-spitefull=ugly etc

  • Visual all the way, personality doesn't mean anything if the girl is ugly.

  • Too fat,too skinny,bad skin complexion,conceited,close-minded,immature,deformed face,missing too many limbs and bad girl/party girl syndrome.


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  • Sloppy/dirty are generally considered physically unattractive. Some people are more particular and like to plan their outfits, etc. for a variety of other reasons (self-esteem, etc.). "Ugly" is when you're not maintaining yourself at all, so no one can see the wonderful person hiding behind the scruff.

    Personality wise, anyone who is too nervous or fussy -- nagging all the time, questioning all the time, etc. -- is generally considered unpleasant. A person who curses and rants all the time is considered "ugly".

  • Someone who does not keep themselves up...not clean..etc..

    Girls: If they have acne..it should be tried to hide it...if possible..or do your best to get rid of it...but, it shouldn't be too big of a deal.

    Guys: Stay clean...have clean clothes...shower often.

    Manners: Have good manners! Belching at the table loudly is gross..if you do it you should at least say excuse me...along with being respectful to your elders...I think everyone should at least try to respect your elders.

    Also, good personality. Non-aggressive. And don't cuss like a sailor.

  • Anything that signifies that you don't care about yourself or anyone else, like:

    Physical:Extreme acme, warts, foot fungus, really long dirty fingernails, greasy hair, flakey hair, yellow teeth, extremely obese (chubby and kind of fat are OK), worn out/dirty/ripped up clothes that don't fit your body, all around bad hygiene.

    Personality:Nagging all the time, high-matinence, all they hope to get out of a relationship is sex, ignorant, ignores the truth, closed off, people who are depressed all the time, know-it-alls, rude, acts before thinks, thinking they are better than everyone else, always trying to joke at the expense of others, etc.

  • looking masculine if you're female and vice versa. symetricality. having the best look for your body face type...just looking put together like you thought through what you were doing

    personality...beautiful personalities just brighten up the world. they are the free thinkers open to knew people and ideas, who try their best in every situation

  • ugly on the outside means that they don't brush their teeth, they wear clothes like it has never been washed and has been worn for 100 years before they found it, and they smell like they have slept in the garbage can for 10 days.

    ugly on the inside is just immoral people who like to lie, steal, cheat, use others, always angry and hiding things, looking out only for themselves stuff like that.

  • personality wise -- selfish, inconsiderate, uncaring, not moral