You do not have to love your imperfections!

We hear it all the time, the spiel about how you have to love your imperfections. They make you you! They give you character! They make you human! We all have them! These things may be true, but you really don't have to love your imperfections, you just have to tolerate them. It doesn't mean that you're weird or anything is wrong with you if you just can't seem to love your imperfections.

I have too many imperfections to count on my hands. I'm very heavy, my hair is flat on top and frizzy on the bottom, I have two small moles on my face, I've got acne, I have thin, light eyebrows and I hate it, I have small eyes, etc. I hate all of these things about myself and more. They are my imperfections. If only I could change everything about myself, right? Wrong. Then I would be a total stranger. I like being myself, despite my apeparance (most of the time anyway.) But does this mean that I love my acne, or my fat rolls? Hell no! But I've learned to tolerate it all, simply because it is me and that is what I'm stuck with unless I can find a way to change it.

if you really hate your imperfections, you can always try to change them. You don't have to, obviously, but if your acne is very embarrassing to you talk to your doctor about clindamycin phosphate lotion. If you dislike your weight, try to change your det and exercise routine. These are usually pretty lengthy and some times even expensive processes, but you will be able to tame your imperfections in these ways.

If you don't have the time, energy, money, or dedication to do these things, then you'll have to learn to tolerate your imperfections.If you can't learn to accept them as they are, try to zone them out or cover them. A lot of the time things that cause people to have lowered self esteems can be hidden or even just slightly less noticeable by finding makeup and clothing styles that help with your outward appearance. I've found that certain shades of lipstick make my lips look fuller, another insecurity of mine. Thick eyeliner makes my eyes look larger and brighter, and my glasses style helps with the size difference and fills the empty space on my face while drawing attention to my eyes. You just need to find the style that fits you and helps to make your imperfections less noticable.

If you don't want to hide them, then you'll need to embrace them. Start one step at a time. Look in the mirror and find all of the things that you do not like about yourself. Write them all down. Then find the same amount of positive things, or even more. Think back to every compliment that you've ever gotten. Even the smallest compliment counts, as long as it made you feel happy. You need to run those positive thoughts through your mind every chance you get. Your imperfections become obsolete when there is so much positivity to focus on.

You do not need to love your imperfections, but you should be happy with them. Whether that joy comes from acceptance, change, or loads of makeup, you deserve to be happy no matter what is on the outside of you. Find peace within yourself, and find beauty outside of yourself.

You do not have to love your imperfections.

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  • Imperfections are a part of everyone's life as nobody is perfect. But what to do with your imperfections , whether to hate them , change them , tolerate them or love them or learn to live with them is up to each individual to decide. Ultimately the goal is to look better with what you have and what you can do. So inner peace with yourself and your body will decide how happy you can be. and even if you are not so happy with the outcome , you should learn to live your life as good as you can do best.. This is my philosophy.


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  • love only somthing u can't change and if u can change it u should change it


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  • I like that take - To me that seems a very logical approach rather than a mad rush to love all your imperfections.

  • people usually say that about things a person has absolute no control over.

    an overweight person can lose the weight, they don't have to love it.

    • Except that not everyone has the ability. Unhealthy food is often cheaper, and it also has more calories. Meaning a poor person has to basically be exercising every single free moment that they have in order to maintain a smaller weight. They then have to juggle that with working, schooling, family, friendships, mental health, and any other thing that they need to have done. There are also diseases and hereditary traits that make losing weight very hard. Please go look these things up if you do not believe me, and also mind your own business. My jiggling rolls don't affect you unless I'm using them to suffocate you. Thanks :)

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    • If you don't want to argue why bring up a controversial subject? As I said, there are factors making it difficult or even impossible to lose weight. You don't have to love someone's weight either, but have no say in it.

    • the subject was a piece of your MyTake that I read first which is why I brought it up. If you want we can talk about other things that people would have a hard time accomplishing but can still be done with hard work and dedication.

  • Nice motivational take
    I like it 😊👍

  • Nice inspiring, I am suffering every moment from my excess body hair. Nice take.


What Girls Said 1

  • I don't love my flaws! Why love something which detracts?