I met this amazing girl... but she lives in another state?

and she really is every bit of my dream girl, we have just about everything in common, she likes me ( I hope lol) and I like her a lot!

But she lives like, waaaay far away! And all I want to do is show her how amazing she really is, because she deserves everything good the world has to offer her!

Anyway, how do I tell her that regardless of distance I want to be there for her through thick and thin? I just want to make her happy!

If you say "just move on", I will find you, and I will fight you to the death with foam swords.


So we talked, and have mutual feelings! Wow she is the greatest :3

There is no definitive best answer here... but the 3 of you that answered, I really appreciate the advice! YOU GUYS ROCK!



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  • Just tell her how you feel... Maybe y'all could meet. Best of luck to you

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      The funny thing about this answer is that you're oblivious(;

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      lol you get best answer :D

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      Lol(: I see that