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I met this amazing girl... but she lives in another state?

and she really is every bit of my dream girl, we have just about everything in common, she likes me ( I hope lol) and I like her a lot! But she... Show More

So we talked, and have mutual feelings! Wow she is the greatest :3

There is no definitive best answer here... but the 3 of you that answered, I really appreciate the advice! YOU GUYS ROCK!


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  • Just tell her how you feel... Maybe y'all could meet. Best of luck to you

    • The funny thing about this answer is that you're oblivious(;

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    • lol you get best answer :D

    • Lol(: I see that

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  • I had the same problem bro, what I did is that I just drove to see her every weekend . Sure it dried my wallet from gas money but hey it was so worth it.

  • You can tell her how much you want to spend time with her and how much fun you two have when your together. Tell her that you want to try to make something work and try to arrange times when you can see each other. I think being really straightforward with her is going to help a lot

    • good luck with everything

    • Thank you sir, and Thank you for answering :) May all your relationships be successful!

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