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My husband thinks everything is a joke, what should I do?

Ok so if I"m tired, he is 100x more tired than I am. We just had a kid and I'm up all night with the kid but on the weekends he has to have tons of... Show More

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  • No that's not right. My ex's dad is kinda like that, and since her mom is gone it was her job to do everything even when she pays him rent... Even working a 9-5 job a person should help, yes they deserve some rest but not just be lazy. If you really feel the way you said you should leave him if you can. You shouldn't go through life with someone who treats you bad and doesn't care about your child. Maybe even pack up and leave for a little while to make him see you are serious, and from the sound of it that he can't take care of himself. I do understand that being a stay at home mom you probably don't have much of your own, and it could be hard. I'm not saying do anything drastic but you can get child support seeing as he's an unfit father. Point is you have two choices. Stay with him and be unhappy, or leave him and try taking care of your child on your own for a while. And if you do decide you want to leave I suggest speaking to a lawyer first so you know how well things would go in court for a divorce and child custody. And as for the joking I've done it to my ex before but on occasion when we would both be able to laugh about it, not disrespectfully. I hope things get better so you and your child may have a better life.

    • Agreed. Well said.

    • He's the joke taking you for granted I was in your situation and thankfully I ended that relationship as it wasn't going anywhere sit down and talk with him and tell him how you feel and remember you are not a joke

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  • your that mad wow, just have a sit down with him cause there's no need to hold all that angry in

  • He is talking you and everything you do for granted. Maybe you should take a week off and make him suffer. Tell him you need a break and go somewhere and have him take care of the kid. I know that's harsh and probably difficult, but this way he will know everything you do and how much is on your shoulders.

  • the threat of divorce with 18 years child support is your wepon, hopefully solution

  • Sounds like a divorce will be coming your way sooner than later, sorry. there's nothing you can do except threaten divorce and attach a "your gonna be paying child support for the next 18 years if you don't grow up and be a man" see how he takes that joke

  • In my opinion, sorry to say but I think after you had this baby he pretty much lost all his interest in being with you. I believe he does not know how to tell you that. Therefor he tries to annoy you and irritate you. So that you can put a stop to everything and break it off. SO then he can blame you for everything that happens after that. He will say it was your fault. I know because he sounds like me when I did that once. Until I realized how hurtful things like that could be. But a guy that is not willing to change and make you happy. You do not deserve him. Although you are a mother, you can still find another guy who will love you and your baby.

  • Loosen up missy link just kidding. Sit him down when he is not in a goofy mood and make him understand you need more help from him and that you need him to be more involved.

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  • Maybe he really is just joking around and it may not seem funny to you because you're tired and you don't think something that you did was such an easy task so you can't find the humor in it. It's understandable. I'm not saying it's your fault.

    Just sometimes in a relationship things change over time or one person changes and the other doesn't. I believe when you bring a child in the picture EVERYTHING changes. The way they are, their life style, and how the even interact with one another. He may just be teasing you. If he just wants to end the relationship (which I doubt) but he should just tell you straight out instead of driving you mad.

    You should talk to him. Maybe you've changed or maybe become serious or more serious than before. I don't know the history between the two of you so it's really hard to say. I believe you should just talk to him and tell him how you feel when he does those things. Maybe he doesn't even realize it himself.

    • Wow, I... I can't believe it. Did you actually write a good answer? :O (jk <3, in case you think I'm being a total jerk)

      But yeah QA just talk to him. Hahaha. At least I can provide some input for you by telling you I agree with this weird chick's answer. :P

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    • Yes, that is the number of dudes I've slept with, give or take a few dozen. (Kinda hard to keep track.)

    • LOL! I <3 you

  • I divorced my ex for being exactly like you described. You have every right to be mad. He thinks the world revolves around him and that you are there to serve him. You are basically a single mom without actually being single.

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