My husband thinks everything is a joke, what should I do?

Ok so if I"m tired, he is 100x more tired than I am. We just had a kid and I'm up all night with the kid but on the weekends he has to have tons of... Show More

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  • No that's not right. My ex's dad is kinda like that, and since her mom is gone it was her job to do everything even when she pays him rent... Even working a 9-5 job a person should help, yes they deserve some rest but not just be lazy. If you really feel the way you said you should leave him if you can. You shouldn't go through life with someone who treats you bad and doesn't care about your child. Maybe even pack up and leave for a little while to make him see you are serious, and from the sound of it that he can't take care of himself. I do understand that being a stay at home mom you probably don't have much of your own, and it could be hard. I'm not saying do anything drastic but you can get child support seeing as he's an unfit father. Point is you have two choices. Stay with him and be unhappy, or leave him and try taking care of your child on your own for a while. And if you do decide you want to leave I suggest speaking to a lawyer first so you know how well things would go in court for a divorce and child custody. And as for the joking I've done it to my ex before but on occasion when we would both be able to laugh about it, not disrespectfully. I hope things get better so you and your child may have a better life.

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    • Agreed. Well said.

    • He's the joke taking you for granted I was in your situation and thankfully I ended that relationship as it wasn't going anywhere sit down and talk with him and tell him how you feel and remember you are not a joke