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Do guys think uggs are ugly?

My guy friends in college make fun of uggs all the time. They ALL HATE them, and don't get why girls like them. as girls, we think they are... Show More

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  • Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes. To men, Ugg boots are some of the ugliest and most annoying things a woman can own, and the mere sight of them can be enough to kill any interest he may have had in her, permanently. I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but just Google "What women wear that men hate" and you'll see that no matter how "cute" you might think they are, all Ugg boots (and the person who designed them) should be put in a rocket and fired into the Sun.

    Please, for the love of all that is good and pure, get rid of any Ugg boots you own and convince your friends to do the same.

What Guys Said 28

  • Yes. Staggeringly so.

    I understand that they are probably cozy and comfy but they aren't actually useful in winter as boots, and they are hideous.

  • i don't think there is a problem with uggs necessarily but I think mostly guys are turned off at the masses of people shlopping around in them. so often girls will where them with any and everything and it just seems lazy.

    for me the turn off is the lack of individuality/creativity in anything a person wears that everyone wears (it's not like a pea coat or jeans, there are a million varieties of shoes, boats, etc) AND the fact that so often they are worn as the equivalent to sweat pants (in that they seem to be a lazy choice)

    my girlfriend owns a pair of uggs and wears them occassionally which I like. If she wore them every day with any old outfit I'd probably have a different opinion

  • I'm not a fan of them.

  • I think they are cute though I had to google them to see what they were. I almost thought they were crocs and I would have said to BURN THEM!

  • I think they're overrated, but not ugly.

  • Im more turned on if a girl is wearing boots, I don't know they are just more appealing to me. So if the uggs are good looking, I don't really pay attention to uggs

  • I agree with your friends -- I can't stand them and think they are appropriately named UGGlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  • Are your guy friends gay? That not the common thing I have heard any guy talk about.. LOL.

    I find uggs and big boots cute on girls, thought it's not one of the things I usually notice.

    • Agreed

    • lol no, they aren't gay. theyre completely straight, however, a few of them are "pretty boys" but the others are "country boys"

  • SOME Uggs are rather unattractive, but most people fail to realize that Ugg is a brand that makes many many different shoes.

  • they look like something any woman would wear because they constantly complain they are cold. I think its attractive but not in a sexy way

  • I... kinda like them lol.. They're cute and simple.

    What I can't stand are heels which look terribly uncomfortable.

  • They look hideous, it's like you have a layer of foam around your feet.

  • black uggs are nice, but all the crap they have tired ot do to them like the heals I strongly disagree with.

  • I think their feet look sexy right when they take them off.

    But I don't have a problem with them... But those original Crocs, They are UGLY!

  • 1- I personally got no problem with them.

    2- Maybe will be a shocker, but men don't care about what shoes you are wearing, the only thing that matter is: does it have high heels or not ? (end of the story) (if anyone disagree with me please comment because I am sure of that one).

    3- Style and fashion will depends on where you are and who you hang out with, from the little I know, UGGs are more expensive as other similar shoes, they have tried to develop a special brand image of quality, and it was quite successful a few years back ( there is even a reference to them in an episode of Entourage).

    Now here is a note to think about: Some people found CROCS cool... I mean for heaven's sake those thing are useful but they are not cool.

    If you like them, wear them, if you think they match your outfit, own that look and it will be good.

    I hope it helps ^^.

  • I actually think they are cute and kinda sexy, but I may be in the minority here.

  • yes,really

  • They aren't that bad.

  • I don't hate them but I don't particularly like them...I guess if I were around my friends I would say "eww, I hate those" etc...but if it was just you and me together, I'd probably say I really like those

  • I think it depends on the rest of the outfit too.

    The only issue is that most of the girls that I know who wear Uggs are plain obnoxious.

    So I guess it's a chicken or the egg kind of thing.

  • I think they're nicer on smaller girls, since the big uggs seem so clunky and weird.

  • They can be cute. Maybe I'm rare but I like them on girls :) I don't care if they wear them.

  • if I shut my brain off for a minute, they can look OK. But if I think at all, I realize that they're basically slippers. At which point I find it harder to take her seriously, because she is wearing slippers. Basta.

    I know Ugg make different kinds, but since I'm most familiar with the boots, that's what I'm basing this on.

    I mean would you take a guy seriously if he showed up in slippers?

  • Nah I actually kind of think they're cute.

    Then again it probably might depend on the girl wearing them.

  • omg yes. they are the ugliest f*cking pieces of clothing ever made. they're unflattering to a woman's figure, they look like something eskimos wear, and they're not cute.

    any guy who says they're cute has probably never gotten laid so what do they know and hence is disqualified from saying what's cute and what isn't.

  • They are comfy, cute but kinda ugly

  • I have no problem with how they look. Some of them look nice

What Girls Said 4

  • I think they are pretty ugly too. But they are so comfortable!

  • I think they're hideous.

  • when they first came out omg I thought they were the uggliest things ever they have grown on me and I did give in and get a pair lst year because they were on sale for like 2 bucks lol wonder why! BUT they deff grew on me warm and semi comfy and can worn with a lot of different things which I like...but jeez they can start to smell ask any girl and its gross! Not saying I have smelly feet it just what they are made out of. So I can not help you with this but if you like em wear em that's all that matter! Deff won't buy them again though need other sexy flat comfy boots they have so many new styles that are also natural and go GREAT with leggins since that what I live in now lol...

  • I think they are ugly

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