Why do guys play by girls emotions?

Why do guys sometimes hurt girls and play by their emotions? Do they think it is just fun? Is it by their nature or the problem is in the girl?


Most Helpful Guy

  • 1. Some guys are just jerks, and will do whatever it takes to get a girl, or get sex from a girl. If playing with her emotions is what works, they'll do that. If something else works, they'll do that.

    2. Many girls make the mistake of living in fantasy-land and not having any grounding in reality. They often have the Disney Princess Syndrome where they BELIEVE in the fairy tale fantasy, and are literally expecting some modern-day version of a "knight in shining armor" to "sweep her off her feet" and "live happily ever after." That's completely unrealistic, but such women make themselves easy targets for manipulators, because it isn't hard for a guy to figure out exactly how to play her to get what he wants. Such girls need to realize that these are FANTASIES and things don't work that way in real life, and they need to adjust their expectations and behaviors accordingly.

    The way you defend against this is to take a bit of time, don't rush into a relationship or sex, and get to know the guy before you become too emotionally invested. Ask LOTS of questions, and if you discover a red flag, don't ignore it and hope it goes away; DEAL with it, even if that ultimately means breaking up with him. So often girls KNOW what a guy's problems are, but they pretend those problems don't exist because they don't want to lose the guy (who isn't worth keeping) or admit he has a deal-breaker. That just sets the girl up for a much bigger, uglier confrontation later on down the road.