Why are black girls the least desirable?

Why is it that black girls are the most undesirable? (For non-black guys)I'm seeing a lot of negative things being said about black women in the media (mainly online). I even saw a forum thread dedicated to how black girls are the ugliest. Sure there are racist people that will say that other races are ugly, but black girls get the most heat. I've seen a lot of black girls ask similar questions, and people just think we're imagining things. I mean, look at the marriage rates. Black women are the least married race. I've heard people say that even black guys don't want black women.

This issue is causing my already low-self esteem to plummet to uncharted territories, even though I think I'm pretty compared to most black girls but not so pretty according to regular beauty standards (if that makes sense). My school is mostly white, but the few black girls that go there don't have boyfriends, and to me they are pretty and seem intelligent. Boys aren't everything and at our young age it's better to be more concerned with our academic and career goals, but I feel so discouraged when it comes to dating (keep in mind that I live in a predominately white area).

In conclusion, I would like to know what it is about black girls that's so unattractive? (BE HONEST, answer anonymously if you must, and don't feed me any crap about "preferences" because in most cases I find that there is underlying racism behind this so-called racial preferences).


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    First off I'd like to say that I am black women, from East Africa (cushite) and I find myself wondering is it is preference or race, and I'll be honest I'm still undecided. But what I have found absolutely galling is the stereotypes attached to black women. And scrolling down this thread has just seemed to make me more angrier and more frustrated.

    I live in England and I've decided to share some of the stereotypes attached to other races of women.

    White women :

    1- like their drink, more so then taking care of their children or homes.

    2- extremely easy...

    3- they all want to be BLACK! With their tanned skins, plumped lips and fake breast.

    Asian women:

    1- submissive

    2- A- sexual beings. ( found sexy in a fetish way)

    3- Boring.

    Now do I find any of these stereotypes to be true, NO. Could their be a white/Asian women who meets these stereotypes yes. But they would be few and far between. I can accept people saying they don't like black features or hair. But I refuse to accept your lack of attraction on stereotypes, now that I find racist.

  • How about the question you should ask is why do some people like feel the need to hate on certain others? Some might find African Americans unattractive, while others would find them beautiful. Though I'm not black, I do wish I had their amazing figures and strong attitude. And who gives a crap about what the media says? I don't think black people are ugly, nor 'divas' how some might call them as. I have this friend in school, and she's black, but she's extremely beautiful and the nicest person ever. Don't let media, or online people make you feel down :) I know some guys who only go for black girls because they like everything about them.

  • Its crazy how people use to be more honest and answer more years ago! Well a troll user linked your question so that's why I found it lmao.

    I see where your coming from though so I hope college life won't be like that.

  • I'm sorry but whoever you are you need therapy. I don't know where your getting this idea, but it's the biggest load of bull*hit. Men of all cultures are interested in black women, and that your pretty in comparison to most black girls what exactly does that mean, because it sound like have internalized colorism or something

  • well Black women aren't uglier than any other race and people who claims so are brainwashed and or racist. the reason we're mistreated is because many of us (in the new world anyway) are descendants of slaves and people think that this makes us less than. I also would like to remind you that we were brought to the United States and Latin America FOR LABOR, to toil and this racist society will never acknowledge our beauty or give us credit for having features that are desired by others races full lips, dark skin, voluptuous bodies, luscious voices, diverse beauty etc...they will never give credit, they'll throw up a J. Lo or Kim Kardashian or an Adele and call it a day...so just accept this and it will life the burden off of your shoulders you can't change people. I would recommend only going around people who value you, go outside the United States, especially to Latin American like Northern brazil or Africa and you'll find that your beauty is appreciated.

  • Just would like to chime in.

    I don't think white men find black women less attractive. That is sweeping generalization!

    I've found, throughout my years, If you live in a progressive city or mixed community in general you will see interracial (black/white) couples and families.

    I've lived in many places in the US. I've dated many white men (I am a black female) and have drawn this conclusion. I've seen, with my own eyes, white men with black women. Married, with multi raced children. Half our sons elementary school class are multi racial.

    My partner/best friend/fiance is a white man, very attractive, owns his own business and is very alpha/confident. He is not the dredge of society or a white man trying to act black.

    His preferences are black women or Latina women.

    He has dated white women in the past but, according to him, he's always been drawn to non white women.

    He further says that if you put a hot white woman in the same room with an average black girl he is automatically turned on (if you will) to the black woman. I am the same way.

    I say that it is akin to being gay. You like what you like. You are what you are.

    It's preference my dears.

    For anyone despairing over "Are black women unattractive" who cares. All that matters is what YOU find attractive because, at the end of the day, YOU are the one coming home to THEM. Not the world and their perception.

    So in conclusion. There ARE white men, Asian men, non Hispanic men and everything in between who find black women attractive. There are more than you know. The world and peoples views are progressing and barriers are coming down. This is not the 1950's anymore. That breed/mentality is dying.

    - In a relationship with my soul mate for 7 years

  • Stupid stereotypes mislead incompetent men

  • there is not a difference in physical features of any race and as far as hair every race of people have "good and bad hair". I've seen white people with tight curly dry unattractive hair and when white people's hair is wet it has a bad order to it and one some straight hair looks stringy and unhealthy. there are white people with wide noses and big lips and beady eyes, tiny beady eyes are not attractive regardless of color. Most white women do not look like Nicole Kidman or Scarlette Johanson. I don't think most people are superstar beautiful besides beauty comes from within. If someone is not attracted to your personality you do not want that person anyway. Stay focused on your studies to prepare you for a promising successful future. Have faith you'll one day meet a wonderful man to share your life with and you'll have a loving family. Just be happy and have fun. Falling in love young and ruin your life.

    btw I do not have any chemicals on my hair and my hair is to the middle of my back and I think I have great facial features and I know many other black women just as beautiful if not more beautiful

  • My dear, I simply have one recommendation for you. "You need not think of receiving love from another, when you are lacking in the ability to love yourself and realize the how beautiful you are." Then and only then will you feel appreciated and loved as a black woman or whatever ethnic group owns you. Another piece of information you'll find useful is that an educated, smart, sophisticated black woman is desirable. Persons that stereotype personalities, based on race lack knowledge, because all races have women and men that are intolerable. Likewise, you'll find tolerable characters amongst the intolerable ones in every race, as well. The comments you get here are merely for encouragement and nothing comes of it, if you remain insecure about your character. We're all beautiful in our own ways, plus we're all imperfect. Make other things in life become your burden, like where do you see yourself in 10 years.

    I'm unable to share personal experiences with you, being that I've never experienced such a predicament. When discussing racial preference, some persons that are discontent with life on a whole and their life experiences, feel it necessary to share their folly vices. Ignorance is a comfort to fools.

  • I honestly want to know where most of these guys are finding black women like this. I read some of the answers from the male section, and it makes very little sense because it seems that they are describing black women from the ghetto. Did they forget about the black women that actually go to university, and college, and do something with their lives. I understand that there are a lot of ghetto black women, but honestly what about the ones who actually do something and make a difference. And I don't understand why people can not keep their rude, negative opinions to themselves, there are ways around saying something rude that can be phrased in a way that it is not offensive. People seem to forget that everyone has feelings, and nobody likes to get them hurt. This is why it's so hard to move forward, and get past things. Why make someone else feel bad about themselves, you don't need to do it. And I'm pretty sure most people wouldn't want someone else to pick away at their own insecurities. Why do it, we all live on one earth and you're going to see people of different races, creeds, and ethnicities, so get over yourself and put yourself in someone else's shoes and think, would I like if someone bullied me or picked at my insecurities. And I am a black female from Canada who's going to university next year, and personally I like white guys, that's just who I am. But I would never bash black guys.

  • It's funny looking at some of the post. I am a black female, and I find it the opposite with me, I only attract white guys because most black guys think that I am too "white" whatever that means. Everyone thinks I am mixed, but both of my parents are black. Now we do have; French, American Indian, Spanish and Caucasian in our family tree, so I picked up some of those features. My mom was a school teacher and later worked to educating young kids about food and nutrition. (My mom has her Masters in Agriculture and her Bachelors in Elementary Education)( My dad had his bachelors in business, and worked as a postal manager). So I guess that is why my parents were able to take on vacations, camp, let us take swim lessons and expose us to different cultures and races. So I think it all comes down to how the person is raised, how there attitude will be, as far as features...genetics. I am married to a wonderful "White" guy now, but I still get hit on by "White" men, and now I get hit on by "Black" men, but I think it is because I am with my husband. I understand that some of my people fit the stereotypes, but those are the one the media shows the world. You need to go out and see for yourself.

  • I am disgusted by the lack of education many people have on this board. I am Black, African American, I am intelligent, I am educated. I have a Bachelors Degree and I will soon have a Masters Degree. Black women are NOT the most undesirable women, we are the MOST desired. Sisters don't let mass media fool you and don't allow ignorance to deter you. Look at yourselves, bronze skin, dark eyes, full lips, wide hips, what's not desirable about being a real women. People are spending thousands of dollars to get those lips honey, we are born with them. We are truly unique, starting with our hair down to our bronze feet. No other woman on earth is like us and that should be celebrated. We come in all shades from the lightest to the most ebony. Our bone structure is amazing, strong and baby we are built to last. God made us and he didn't make any mistakes on us.

    I have dated men of all races, half asian, black, white, Hispanic, arab, African I never had an issue attracting anyone. The DEVIL is a liar sisters don't believe the hype. There is NOTHING wrong with you...your nose is perfect, your hair is beautiful, your body is a blessing no matter the shape. Are you healthy? Are you strong? That's what matters. As far as our attitude...All women are emotional creatures and we all nag, we all get upset and most of us don't like the taste of BS. You can't say all black women have an attitude, for those who say we do..my question is what is it about you that attracts that kind of person?

    People who aren't well traveled, well educated, make the most ignorant assumptions. You people don't know any better so you should crack open a book, take trip to Africa, and get to know people. Invite someone who is of African Ancestry over to your home, or matter of fact go hang out with a black person. Let me tell you, us sisters can really cook, come eat at my house. I bet by the time you leave your mind will be changed and your heart will be open. - Much Love!

  • American blacks act differently from other black people and not all American blacks act ghetto and have big ghetto butts. So generalizing like that doesn't make sense, people need to travel outside their country and meet people and you all will realize that black people are very classy. frankly I find all Americans dull and ignorant, not just blacks.

  • Me too! I feel you girl they portray black women as violent, ghetto and undesirable and they portray white women (no hate guys) as beautiful, sophisticated and classy and if a black women acts like that they say " oh! she is so acting white" so black people aren't classy, they aren't beautiful? excuse me we do not have many baby daddys or we do not live in some crime-ridden ghetto place were we smoke all day long. NO! I am sick and f***ing tired of these stereotypes is 2012 people understand and appreciate everyone. I like white boys but in the back of mind I think they prefer white girls or mixed-raced.

    I can't change who I am and if I can I will never in a MILLION YEARS. God made me the way I AM and the media can go f*** itself. Because lately the media is like acting as Hitler trying to create a white world with blond and blue eyes. Peh-lease this ain't Sweden.

    :D You are beatiful. Black women are beautiful. Don't stop the growth of your self-esteem let it blossom darling.

    Anonymous wise 14 year old bitch ladies and ladies. :D xxxx

  • Honestly because most black girls are laud . They stink . And there ashy ..Well that could be true for one black girl but THAT DOES NOT MEAN ALL BLACK Women ARE THIS WAY! Also people do not date to make a statistic...They date because they are interested in each other... Is it mostly Black men with white women .?.Or white Men with Black women? Its mostly White men with a black women... ! And you know what's mostly in this country? WHITE MEN! So why would you write this post and downgrade yourself ? hhhmmmm jus Sayn !



  • @eddiearmstrong what I want to know though is why you only feel "comfortable dating white girls" like I hear this a lot from people, that they want to date people they are comfortable with and that have similar cultures to theirs...well I grew up in predominantly white areas and black kids have always been large minorities in my schools (we're talking 2 or 3 per grade out of over 100 kids) so I never really got what that whole "comfortable" means..i understand preference, if you like blond girls go nuts and date blond girls but if you won't date a girl of another race just because you might feel "awkward" then that is racial discrimination, you're treating people differently because of the color of their skin

  • I may not be a guy, but as a young black woman all I want to say to you is the only people worth your time are the people who accept you for who you are as a person.I have struggled with the same but now that I am almost twenty I see the beauty in all cultures and ethnicities. Remember, you don't wake up very morning to impress people, so they don't matter. Once you go to college, you'll be exposed to more diversity which will definitely be good for you. I went to a predominantly white school but had no problems. I dated white, Asian and black boys and had many friends of different races. It all depends on where you are what you'll experience will be.

    I've learned that we are made in God's image, so if someone doesn't like your sun kissed skin, or hair that reaches up to the heavens in tight curls, or full lips, then them and their preferences can kick rocks and you keep you pretty head held high. If they have a problem with who you are, it is not your problems, tell them that is between them and God. One thing a lot of my guy friends say they like in any woman,especially black women are the ones who are confident (not condescending), who take good care of themselves and are just geniunely good people. And whether they want to wear their hair naturally or not is a personal choice and fine with them. Don't go looking for others to accept you. People who truly like you for who you are will find you. I think all women are gorgeous and the media has this ill way of making women feel that we are not adequate and they always change their mind on what's in style. None of these things matter. Be good to yourself and others and you will be blessed. I say when its time to go to college whether you chose an HBCU (like myself) or not, anywhere you go there will be diversity and more opportunities to grow as an individual. So don't be discouraged relying on man to give you confidence, relying on man gives nothing but disappointment. So remember love yourself and the body God gave you and keep your head held high because you are a diamond and don't you ever forget that. As I have always been told "God DOES NOT make junk"

  • I'm not racists, I have white friends (lol).

    Some "generalizations" about White American Men and the real reasons why "Black Women" won't date them.

    You resemble apes more than any other race. With your disgusting hair problems, I mean who wants to date someone with greasy, oily hair coming out of every crack and crevice. Nose, ears, behind, it's everywhere, complete turn off. You are clearly decended from the apes you claim to have evolved from (I think it is more like de-evolved).You act like uncivilized apes everywhere you go. The whole world is disgusted by White Americans. Everywhere you go you destroy the economy and culture. You're filthy ways are the precursor to some of the worst disease epidemics to plague the human race. Your perversions are insatiable you are unable to have normal relations with a woman. Pornography and other sick diversions were made for you. Bottom line the real apes.

    Small penises... I believe a lot of the problems with sex white men have are directly related to their false legislated superiority. White men are behind the statistics concerning penis size, their research pools consist mainly of white men and maybe a few tiny Asian men to round it out. Therefore you get the average 3-5 inch penis of the White man. Size matters.

    White men are ignorant, and down right stupid. No original thoughts. I had a white boy tell me that Travon Martin's shooting was justified because he shouldn't have been walking in that neighborhood. White people are not the most intelligent in the world by far. This is demonstrated in their need to fudge the data in every aspect to perpetuate their false superiority. Their only strength is in numbers in America, not intelligence. The Good Old Boy system is their only salvation. Hence their need to suppress and demonize other races for their own survival. 85% of the world is non-white people. They will soon fizzle out on their own.

    Disgusting inbreeding. Black women never want to compromise their superior gene pool by watering it down with inbreed white genes. Thus her continued attraction and affliation with delicious virile black men. Just look at the races with the most deformed, handi-capped, retarded children. You only see this in large degree in white America.

    Most white men are fuugggglllyyyy. They have to work real hard just to be barely presentable. What is it with white men's naturally flabby bodies ewwww, white men have disgusting bodies and age prematurely (poor genes). Being blunt the majority of white men HAVE to pay for it...

    They are mean, vicious, cowards, effeminate, scarey, creepy, disgusting. Truly fat, lazy, and stupid. Their Ghetto counterparts are mearly mirroring what they learned from them. Whites lack morality and will do anything to advance their own agenda.

    Unless he is far outside of the norm a white man is not worth dating. The proof is in the answers given to a child in the previous posts. Having all descended from the same two people race is a false construct.

    • There are some good white men out there. I just hate when white people called blacks apes so I HAVE to give them the business because I'm pretty sure apes and monkeys have white skin under that brown and black HAIR that is naturally straight and thin, and last time I checked apes and monkeys have pretty thin lips. So just remember that next time someone ignorant comes along trying to bring you down just shoot that at them, smile and walk away because what they have to say after does not matter

  • Wow, how did I stumble onto this page?

    I have to respond though. A lot of these responses are kinda racist and based on stereotypes that I find to be mostly untrue or built on total misunderstandings or people being brainwashed by standard culture.

    Girl, let me help you out. I'm a black woman. I grew up in "the ghetto," learned to talk white, act white, went to an Ivy League school, and learned to schmooze with professionals, politicians, and wealthy people. That BS was a betrayal of who I am. So I didn't last long in that world.

    Yet I find that now, now that I'm true to myself, I tend to be universally liked. I have no trouble attracting men of all colors. I'm not telling you this to brag but to make a point, so hear me out. I'm thirty and I can tell you straight up: I am nobody but myself, I don't CARE what anybody thinks of me, and THAT is what makes me attractive. Believe me, it took me a very long time, a lot of soul-searching, and a lot of painful transformations to reach this point. But when what other people thought stopped mattering to me--that's when I became the girl everybody wanted.

    Eventually, I stopped "talking white" (code-switching) for other peoples' benefit. I wear my own style, wear my hair however I feel like wearing it, straight or curly--it doesn't matter, and act, well, like me. Simply put, I do whatever makes ME feel good, because we are far past the time when black women should be letting others decide how we look and act.

    Yoko Ono and John Lennon once said "woman is the n*gger" of the world," without realizing that there is something worse than being a "n*gger" and that's being a "n*gger" woman. The burden on black womens' backs is greater than any burden in the world. We are the most oppressed demographic in the US, yet we have incredible strength. Black women contribute more proportionally to our communities, and we are often the matriarchs of our families. In addition, we deal with attitudes like the ones expressed in this forum, attitudes that are designed to make us feel inferior. Recognize that those attitudes are wrong. Recognize your own strength.

    Don't EVER, EVER, EVER let someone not wanting to date you destroy your self esteem. That is utter bull. Be yourself. Be you. Above all, LOVE yourself because, my dear, you deserve it. Look at the answers here and ask yourself if you would even WANT to date men like this. Who think these things about black women. Who would judge you this way. You wouldn't. I don't put any stock in it, but I've heard men say they prefer white women because white women are easier to control. C'mon. This is ALL some misogynistic, racist crap. Forget it. Throw it out.

    Seriously. I know it sounds cliche, but please, please, be yourself, surround yourself with people who will be themselves, find a fellow who will be himself. Be an individual and seek a partner who is an individual. Don't ask fools on the internet for their opinion on who you are. You are sacred.

  • Black women are beautiful. White men and other non Black races overrate their women in looks if you ask me.

    The only time I see a beautiful white woman or other non Black woman is usually on t.v in reality they are average looking or simply cute but not "omg white/Asian/Indian women are hot" like many men act like.

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    Im being honest here and I beleive that black girls light skin or dark are just as attractive as any other race of women. I think statistically black women marry less because in general which I may be wrong on, they are the most likely to remain dating only within their race without wantign to branch out and explore other races of men. I'm guessing you live in the U.S. where people are much more heaviliy influeneced by media then most other foreign countries. where I live in england. its not reallyso much of a big deal we do have influence from america here but not so much. I'm part brazilian and part italian which stereotypically says I like black women, I guess that holds true for me as all flavours of sugar are just as sweet, but from man to man it varies, maybe the guys where you lvie are a little nervous to be different and branch out from what is the norm. I'm sure a lot of the guys where you lvie find youvery attractive but they may feel a little held back. just show them that you are not the generalised type of black girl that is portrayed in media, just be yoruself and they will love you

    Good Luck, God Bless

    • So I think it may just be bad judgement of character as the reason they choose to have somethign against them and also there is a beleif that white guys are likely to stick to white women while black women are likely to stick to black men while the opposite is not true. so I think black girls are put off into thinkin a white guy won't like them and a white guy is put of into thinking that a black girl won't like them as it is not generally as publicised. :)

    • Not want to go out with the, they don't tend to put them down either and it doesn't stop them being freinds with them. I think the guys in america who are non black have somethingn against black girls because unless someone knows the truth, they are usually going to go with what they hear. as these non black guys hear a lot of general stereotypes about black girls put out, they tend to most likely beleive they are true unless given the chance to be proven otherwise.

    • Maybe that is sorta true as england and america do have their cultural differences so we tend to act and think of things a little different I guess. where I live in the UK there are black girls but every single one I have met and know does not fit into the stereotype whatsoever, actually the only one who even remotely fits in with it is a biracial girl but she is nothing bad. so I guess guys are less put off by the black girls. the men in england that don't like black girls, although they may

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  • Honestly, I am speaking with all honesty here and I know this might come off as racist but...

    the ones who really find black women undesirable, are many black men.

    Black men, influenced by Kanye West, Snoop Dogg and other famous, influential black men have taken their influence and decided to discard even the most beautiful black women in favor of any white girl they can get their hands on, they see having a black girl with them as something to bring them down, while a white girl is meant to show that they're a "real man"

    Personally I'm a white guy, I have pale skin, my hair shines blonde when in the sun but usually it looks brown, my eyes are a really light shade of blue and I LOVE black girls, when I see a black girl at the night club, I can barely keep my eyes off her, and when I might be confident while talking to an Asian or white girl, my knees get weak and I start stuttering when talking to a black girl.

    Anyway, the only ones who willfully disregard black women and say black women are ugly are black MEN, us non-black men... either we think you're attractive or we don't, that all comes down to preference, we hold no animosity to you, the vast majority of us wouldn't join a forum just to call black girls ugly, if you're a nice girl, with a nice smile and a healthy body, you'll have white, asian, Indian etc... all kinds of guys clambering over each-other just to be with you, while black men are off chasing some overweight white girl.

  • It has A LOT to do with the media and what "white" America wants to see. White women are OFTEN on TV and viewed as the most beautiful, yet no one wants to see the "mixed" America for what it is. ALL women are beautiful and men just have a one tracked mind; what they see on TV is apparently what they like. Media often depicts the majority of black women as loud and obnoxious, when that is purely untrue. A BIG part of it is racist and part of it is what the media wants us to see. I always say never judge a book by its cover and just because you see one African-American woman act a certain horrible way you should not be that shallow and hateful to put every one in that category.

    Everyone has a preference that's understandable, but there is a difference between that and just being ignorant. All these reviews about IQ, black women being ugly without addressing the TRUE matter at hand is racist. God has a special place for those people. He loves us all equally, why can't we do the same? Thank You

  • They're not the least attractive. But you're talking about a predominantly white nation having a preference towards predominantly white women.

    It's interesting all the generalizations about black women. A lot of such generalization, like the attitude or the weight, come from how black Americans are socialized by each other and the media. They are still recovering from a past so traumatic is sends ripples through the entire race.

    But it's rather ironic to generalize blacks: Nearly all of the genetic variety in the human species is in Africa and in blacks around the world. Europe, for instance, is the most genetically-homogeneous continent on the planet. The Germanic nations even more so.

    So you can expect that white people would have a preference for white features. And TBH, the stereotypical black woman (Loud-mouthed, KFC-eating, finger-waving, generously-sized woman.) repulses me to no end. But since when were all black women like that?

    Here are some women I find quite attractive:

    Aisha Tyler:


    Halle Berry:


    Michelle Obama:

    Not as much physically, but I think she's awesome.

    Esperanza Spalding:


    To finish it off, I have a question for women, then. What do WOMEN have against Asian men? Asian men seem to be viewed as the least desirable men.

    I've heard enough times "How did that Asian guy end up with a white girl? Like THAT can ever happen." To which I reply "Okay, sure...but they get Asian women!"

  • No guy I personally know has ever called a black girl ugly. In fact, the only comments I've heard have been positive. I think most non-black guys steer clear of black girls by default, not because of any reason. I think it's just a cultural divide. I live in London, England, by the way. And I'm half white, half east Asian.

    I judge women as individuals. I have my preferences, and if a girl meets those preferences, then I want her. Skin color is way down the list of my preferences. Actually, I'm not even sure I do have a preference when it comes to color. I've actually never interacted at length with a black girl (again I think it's the cultural divide), even though I live in a city that is 13.3% black and 2.3% part-black.

    All that said, these are huge generalizations, but these are some things positive and negative I've noticed about black girls. Some of these positive things may explain why some guys prefer black girls. Some of these negative things may explain why some guys prefer non-black girls. Positive: big butt; big boobs; know how to dance; age well; look good without make-up; loyal to their men. Negative: overly assertive (which can be both irritating and intimidating); they're used to macho male culture (which many non-black guys can't fulfil); more likely to be religious or devoutly religious (a negative for me, as I'm an atheist); approach guys, especially non-black guys, even less than white girls do.

  • Wow, some of these comments are incredibly hurtful or even downright racist. And some of the entitled girls here who don't have to deal with this bullsh*t are accusing you of making this up when it is a very real problem.

    You are right, on average, men are less willing to date a Black woman. Women are also less willing to date an Asian man (I'm an Asian man). One way to see this is the interracial marriage data gathered in the last census show that there are way more Black men / Asian women in interracial marriages than their opposite sex counterparts. But I think a lot of it is a result of negative stereotypes perpetuated by society, mainly media. Black women are commonly portrayed as loud, attitude-y, uneducated, and overall masculine. Asian men are commonly portrayed as nerdy, weak, bad with women, submissive, and overall feminine. It's fine to have preference but it's not okay to be like "I don't date Black girls," that's called being racist. There are obviously differences on average, mainly in physical appearance. But they are not different enough to justify completely discounting an entire race of women. For instance, you can't say you don't like Black girls at all just because a lot of them are obese. A lot does not mean all. And like you said, many of these preferences are racist ideas people got from the media.

    Speaking of physical differences, I am actually an Asian man that has a preference for Black women. Here is what I (generally) find physically attractive about them. Black girls...

    -look good without makeup. This is like the biggest thing; it's always shocking how much more attractive White and especially Asian women can look with the right makeup. If all girls looked as they do when waking up (without makeup), I think more people would see the beauty in Black women. It's nice when your woman looks good all the time, not just with her makeup on.

    -have big beautiful lips

    -have beautiful eyes

    -are curvy and thick. I'm not a fan of skinny girls. I don't like belly fat and I'm not a chubby chaser, I just like fat in the right places.

    -have proportionally longer legs

    -have beautiful skin tone (I like dark skin)

    I hope this helps.

  • Also the black race like to blame white people for all their problems and live in a state of false victimization where, whether overtly or subconsciously, they blame white people for all their short comings when it couldn't be further from the truth. Last thing I want, a white man who believes everyone should be treated equally, not where blacks get affirmative action or women rape men in divorce court but where true merit is what dictates your life. Unfortunately, blacks are the spear head of the left wing socialist/liberal movement because without affirmative action they will always fall behind whites and the other races and they know it. Look at the bell curves of blacks IQ they have an average IQ of a semi-mentally retarded white person. So blacks say the IQ test is racist some how and that is why their scores are low, meanwhile every other race do better and feel it has nothing to do with race (the IQ test). It is living in this victimization world that really makes me not want to date black women on top of the other reasons I gave.

  • Google that: "black women are the most beautiful "and then you will find good opinions about women. I'm a white guy and I don't find white girls attractive as much as black. I really like what Big Dre said. My lovely girlfriend has so much warmth in her! She was born in Africa and I'm from cold Poland. I love my Safyia!

  • It's not discriminatory or racist, no matter how much you want it to be. It's about personal preferrence.

    • it is not personal preference when you're saying entire races are uglier than others come on...that is racist. a preference would be "I prefer redheads, but I can still see the beauty in other women," that is a preference, but saying entire races, given all of their diversity, are ugly is racist.

  • I know this is an old post but people are still finding and reading it so here:

    Black women are some of the most desirable women in the world. That is why we have been mixed with so many races, French, Spanish, Dutch, etc. Why did so many Slave Masters visit the black woman's coveted vagina? Even in her raw beauty of uncombed hair and ragged cloths made from hemp men of all races found her irresistible. Just take a look at history, not His -Story.

    Did white mother raise her little white children? No sir, guess who raise her little white babies? Mamie. You want to know why? Not only was the black woman most desirable for her beauty and sexuality but she was also thought to be better suited as mother to young offspring's of little white children. I could go on and on but I don't have the time. I'm sure I'm going to get a lot of hate but just look at history, it tells it's own story. No hot irons, no make up, in some cases not even a bath! so how did some of us get light and damn near white is she is so undesirable.

    It's a part of mental slavery and mental bondage that we need to break away from and recognize the black woman for everything she was, everything she is, and everything she will be. Big Dre

  • Guys, like girls, have their individual ideas of what they find attractive in the opposite sex. As for me, being a Black man, I have dated Black women and can honestly say that the stereotype of Black women being "ghetto fabulous" is not true. Yes there are some who fit the criteria, but I know it doesn't fit the mold for the women I dated. When I was dating black women, I tend to go for the light skinned educated Black woman. Unfortunately, many other Black men seem to go after these type of Black women as well (light skinned.) Many of the Black women I dated often knew this and it created a "diva" like mentality and they often milked it for what it was worth. Once I realized that dating this type of woman was more about how much you were willing to spend on them and not about the romance, I decided to expand my dating pool to other races. I dated White, Hispanic and Asian women, all which have their own set of positives and negatives. I also know that people think Black women have attitudes and other women don't. Let me educate you guys on a little something. If you piss off any woman, she will make it known she is unhappy, though some Black women tend to be a little louder, more confrontational and combative when doing it. Point is all women, and men have attitude. Its part of our personality traits. It just may take a little more to set some of us off than others, but its there.

    When I started dating other women besides Black, I found that I saw physical facial features I love in each ethnic group. Don't get me wrong, I think each ethnicity has beautiful women within it, but for the features I was drawn more, led me to lean more toward foreign ethnic women, mostly Asian and Hispanic.

    As I see it, with all I have learned I decided that if all women can possess attitude, I wanted to go for the woman who possessed the most facial features I am attracted to. I tend to love women who don't require or use excessive make-up, don't wear contacts to change the color of their eyes, wear their own natural nails instead of the cosmetic nails and wear their own natural hair, instead of weaves.

    My best friend, who is also my girlfriend, now fiancée and soon to be wife is Asian and I would ever consider dating anyone else as she completes me. not only does she possess the facial features I love, but our personalities are so close to each other naturally, that we seldom have disagreements.

    The bottom line is, since there is beauty in everyone, you need to seek out what makes you look and feel most beautiful about yourself. Once you find that, your esteem will rise and that will resonate to those around you. You can't expect for others to find you beautiful if you have low self esteem. Find what makes you happy and let that be your baseline. It will also help you find out who is most important to you because those who don't like it won't like you any better or worse and those who do will be more than glad to be around and court you

  • I can see you've opened Pandora's box here, so all the haters can go over the stereotyping again. I live in Sweden (as white as it gets I suppose) so I can't really speak to any American cultural factors. The black and brown (if I can include them) population here stem mainly from eastern African and southern Indian immigrants. They come in all sizes and shapes, the overweight ones attract me as little as overweight white girls do, but fit black girls are usually a joy to watch and behave just fine in my experience. Not that into the big booty thing, but love me some color. Make the question about general demand and there's room for discussion, but the term "most undesirable" is a qualitative assertion that doesn't really help.

  • Omg lol isn't it obvious. This is obviously a white girl who's lashing out at black girls because her WHITE boyfriend left her for a black girl or either her crush is crushing on a black girl. At first you sounded like a curious white girl but then you changed your tone lmao, what black girl would that low about them selves. I'm a guy and I'm sexy as f*** and white girls love me ...but I'm gay the white guys flock too but I'm more interested in blacks and Mexicans because we're more real. Sorry that's the way I feel.. but honestly at the end of the goshdang day people are going to be attracted to whoever even if they don't act on it. That's just the way it is. :/

  • I love black girls...They are typically built the best of all races and they are awesome in the bed...I'm white

  • people date who they're comfortable with.i've never dated a black girl.in fact I've always dated white women and that's what I'm attracted to.blondes.blonde hair,soft looking white skin.a lot of white guys are this way./and preference is NOT the same as racism.fools who claim that are just that..fools.i have nothing against black people ,male or female either one.but the groups I always hung with were white like myself.and by the way,current research ahows that even with interracial dating being more acceptable than it was 20 years ago,that most people still hang with their own,so to speak.most whites still hang with and date whites,blacks hang with and date blacks,etc..the media however,intentionally decieves people into believing that it's much much more common and almost predominantly that way..it's a misconception among many for that reason.and don't forget this most important factor..most people date other people that are within their comfort zone.this is why white dates white,black dates black,etc(mostly)/ let me put this in caps ..PEOPLE DON'T DATE TO BE DIVERSE..that's not the reason most people date.so anyone that says stuff like "people that only date within their own race are narow minded or racist" remember to tell them that most people don't date to be diverse! those that do aren't as interested in dating as they are in being part of a diverse crowd.let me repeat that>>most people DO NOT date for the reason of being diverse .since I've never dated anyone but white,i'd feel a tad bit awkward or shy dating a non white girl and I don't want that kind of feeling while on a date..i'm used to white girls..so that's what I date and that's what I'm attracted to so...

  • Don't pay attention to the "sewer rat" forums where the participants dis people. That is a favorite sport of the insecure immature and everyone knows it.

    I am a white man and I think that it is mostly a peer pressure thing to overlook black girls. In any group of white guys I've been in, it seems that there are one or two that are rather racist and they always seem to be vocal and at least marginally bullying about it. They make it unpleasant enough that it seems not worth it to consider to "cross the color line." Then, there is the potential problem with her friends and relatives.

    Black guys seem to hang together and have their own "culture" of speech, music and so on. It is difficult for any young man today to get a career going, or even a decent job. (I have two sons. The oldest at 26 is just starting to get somewhere.) More so for black guys. Many seem to have little or no prospect to support a woman and children.

    Some obviously prefer white women, their boldness giving them an advantage with lonely women. I honestly suspect that part of that stems from a desire to "get back at whitey." But, one thing is certain, mixed race people tend to be special people, and if we all mixed races, we would all be a brown, happier bunch of people: no racism!

    The black girl who tries to engage another person even once per day over some sort of "current event" (something of interest that just happened), or anything else that might be of common interest, will find her life changing for the better, slowly at first. I doesn't matter who the other person is, but include a boy or white person once in a while. Don't do too much smiling at first.

    Also, some boys are not really at home approaching girls, as is well known. I didn't marry until I was 39. So, it all adds up to difficulty unless you have that special gift at hooking up with someone. Don't forget that many of the people that you see so easily getting married ... that's the beginning of their problems.

    There are plenty of white girls and women who are not attractive. That's why one who is gets so much attention. It's the same with black girls, from what I can see. I've seen some that it was hard not to stare. But, that's the part that's only for looks. A woman should not want a guy who considers looks too heavily, Being that shallow, when he finds one he thinks he likes better, he'll leave, marriage or not.

    I never went against the grain of my own personality makeup. They say, 'Be yourself.' But, sometimes, you have to "be someone else," you have to change and start joining groups, learning how to speak at Toastmasters, learning how to dance, etc., even if it's more "work" than you really want to do. You can do these things without "putting your head on the chopping block," so to speak. And, you don't need to be Sanaa Lathan, either. (Check out her movie, "Something New" if you can.)

  • Okay, so I would like to think that I am a pretty open guy, and I have found a lot of black women that I am attracted to, and a lot that I'm not attracted to, same with all the races.

    The reason for black women to be the least desirable is because of the history and past racism of and towards the black community. Whether we like it or not, deny it or accept it, there will always be racism... past generations were not as open as we are today because for fear of how they may be viewed (which count for a lot back then) but times has changed and we are more open to... "variety" and a lot has to do with influence, I see a lot of answers claiming that black girls are fat, and loud and the list goes on, but they grow up around people like that or who react the same way to certain situations so that's what they are used to but other races would be vibrantly different, I've seen plenty of black girls who are cute and shy, and fit... so it's really a clashing culture of communities, what may be acceptable in one community might not fly with another, and we all have our views of "proper" behavior.

    The media spits out an image of beauty so products would sell and apparently our society eats it up and the result is some of the most unattractive women I've ever seen.. for me personally the most unattractive women out there are the ones trying to be something they are not so they can fit in or because of something they saw on TV or whatever the case it's just over done and over used and in denial *shivers*

    but "Beauty" is really in the eye of the beholder and I've behold some pretty freaking gorgeous black women, and some really unattractive ones whose behavior are just improper by my standards.. but just remember no race is a whole... there are fugly White women, and omg wtf is that!? Spanish women, and don't come near me Asian women.. but needless to say there are extremely beautiful women of them all as well

    in the end it's just that since you go to school in an area with mostly white guys, it's really just a clash of culture and residue of history... just be real, and love truly, and even the most beautiful girl in your school can't compare

  • Hello Dear!

    Color of skin is just melatonin accumulated due to external conditions. we are all just humans on planet earth. Our genetical make up is identical and so it is our source.

    Furthermore no race is pure. According to geneticists Greenlanders are the purest in the planet, and they have had many mixes as well.

    We are all racially mixed humans with a small minority of other components. Having said this beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and granted we need to avoid the manipulated media that distorts that beauty, photoshops it and makes everyone that allows it feel that it is never enough and improper or unattractive, too fat, too old, to short, too white, too dark, etc etc.

    If you agree/feel the same way, then do not support it, read it watch it.

    Be yourself, I am sure you are beautiful and there are many out there that will consider that too. Love and be yourself the rest will happen organically. Maybe you just live in the wrong area, consider moving out of there. Blessings, love and light fellow human. I love the divinity in you. Cheers, Leo

  • Okay, I have been "with" many many black girls, and I find them to be really beautiful and fun to be with as long as everything is going well.

    Then when something goes wrong, or they don't get what they want, or they feel somehow disrespected, they go crazy. Now I don't mean crazy like yelling and telling you off and walking away, no they want to try to Pysically hurt you, and they sometimes turn into unhinged rage monsters.

    If you want respect, you must give respect, Right ?

    I've been with the most beautiful girls and it's all good until somekind of competition comes along...another pretty girl...next thing you know she wants to kick off her 6" heels and brawl !

    I can deal with loud and dopey ... saying the wrong things... yes , but these girls need to realize that no matter what happens you still need to act like a lady. That is going to send the loudest alarm as to what kind of person you are. Noone wants a Psycho time-bomb. As far as fat... I like a full-figure...but not a cow, that's a turn off. So sorry if you haven't found someone, Everyone deserves to be happy. As long as you act like yourself you'll be fine. Good luck to you.


  • I can rank what I find to turn me off about black women:

    1. Attitude (Loud, annoying, rude)

    2. Hair (I know you can't do anything about it, but it just turns me off, I like straight hair.)

    3. Facial features (Regardless of attitude and hair, I find a lot of black women to have unattactive facial features, very wide noses, enormeous mouths, oversized lips, etc.)

    4. And the fact that 80% of black women are obese doesn't help the case, makes 80% of black women automatically not desirable.

    5. Eyes (I find completely black eyes to be rather boring, but not exactly a turn off, but not as turn on as e.g. blue/green/hazel eyes. But there are black women with lighter brown eyes, which can be attractive.)

    I know three of these are genetical, and can't be done anything about, but the main factor is the attitude.

    If a black woman acts "white," has NICELY straightened hair, good facial features (not enormeous mouths and teeth), is not morbidly obese and has lighter eyes, she could very well be my dream woman, the perfect 10.

    So I'm not by any means racist, if a black woman fullfils beforementioned criterias she can be extremely attractive, it's just that only a very small portion does.

    PS. I'm European, and where I live there are not a lot of black women, so part of my attraction to black women could be credited to the fact that black women are rather exotic to me, and that's a huge turn on. But if I were to live around black girls for an extended period, this exotic feel would probably go away, I don't know.

    But to those of you blaming it on the media, when I went to the US, I actually had higher expectations of black women from the media than I found to be true. So I don't think the media portrays black women as ugly, rather the opposite.

    • you generalized a lot in your comment, though you're entitled to your preference. And what is "Acting white," btw? what is that supposed to mean and about the media showing higher expectations of black women than reality, you could say that about any race...you think every single white woman looks like megan fox...really? so I don't understand that point at all.

  • f*** what them racist ass people say. I love me some chocolate.

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