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My boyfriend lost a bet, what should he do for me?

So me and him made a bet against two football teams playing against each other. Well I won lol and no he has to do something for me. I have NO idea... Show More

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  • have him clean your car.have him cook you dinner.have him give you a back massage, or foot, whichever you prefer.have him paint your toes and finger nails lol you need to have a camera if you do.oh, there's so many things. think of something that he does for you that you can enjoy. as long as he's doing something for you that makes you happy, then he probably won't mind, therefor making the bet enjoyable for both of you. if you just have him do some ridiculous, pointless act, then the bet will lose it's fun.

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  • Make him do something that will make him say one day long in the future (when you're hypothetically married), "Well, this nagging sucks, but at least she isn't making me _______.":) lol

  • get him to be your bitch for a day. and make him do something ridiculous or wear something ridiculous

  • Add a public element to it... if you make him wear panties, make him tell people.. in a bar, at a store, out with friends... but unless you trust him, you should be there to hear him tell people... otherwise, if you have him wear panties, no one but you and him will know.Or, I guess you could make him wear a bra... that'll be seen!

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  • Make him dress up like a homeless person and beg for money for a day. Then donate that money to a charity of your choice Shave his headDye his color a really bright neon color

  • make him dress in drag?

    • ...and then?

    • Idk there's many things you can dotake pics make him walk around the blocktake him to the mallshow his friends Introduce him to your familyetc..

    • She's mean he he

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