Why are men so stubborn about apologizing when they hurt a woman?

My boyfriend (now ex) hurt my feelings by keeping company with a girl "friend" of his behind my back; and when I found out about it, I broke up with him because I know there's more to the story than what he told me. He was trying to two-time me, and he got busted! Now, when he sees me, he's super... Show More

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  • when you have a big ego and pride that can stop you form doing the most simplest things like just saying sorry and really meaning it, I would say if his friend talks about him wanting you back again give him subtle hints that will help and he will probably go back and tell him but I have a boyfriend that acts like his pride is on the line if he just admits that he is wrong, and that he is sorry and sometimes that's all you need to make it not hurt so bad.

    • I totally agree...lol. My ex is clearly miserable and wants to get back with me, but he refuses to say I'm sorry. I want him back too, but I feel that if I make it "easy" for him to come back (without an apology), he will repeat this type of disrespectful behavior.

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    • I absolutely love your answer. I can tell you're a wise woman and I'm going to do just what you said...lol. Thanks, I feel better already.

    • Your welcome good luck to you