How can I stop being so jealous of my boyfriends best friend??

He is constantly on the phone to his best friend. His best friend always comes first in my boyfriends life and whenever his is around I seem to be pushed aside and I hate it. Am I just jealous? What should I do? My boyfriend changes when he is with his friend and speaks to me horribly, just as his best friend treats his girlfriend.


Most Helpful Girl

  • you need to tell him how you feel, if you dont, he will keep being like that and finally you get frustrated. My boyfriend was same when we first dating, I got upset and we had fight, but after sometimes he realised how important I am to him and he started to think about my feelings, of course he is still good with his buddies but he calls me and let me know who he is hanging out with and ask if I want to come along, calls me if he gonna be late instead of making me waiting for him, stuffs like that

    so talk to him, if he won't change, I think you should either give up on him or accept him as how he is,