My boyfriend keeps ditching me!

This is making me beyond angry with my boyfriend. We agree we will meet up at this time and do what we planned, right? So I will make that spot clear in my calendar and be there. If nothing is plan, I wait alone. My boyfriend will randomly ditch me, and then not tell me he changed his plans. So if I wait for him to call me to meet up-- it never happens. Then I'm stuck in my room waiting by the phone since I do not own a cellphone- and then I'm stuck there all night while he goes hangs out with his friends

this happens at least once a week, I'm sick of it. I've been nothing but direct and honest that I hate having to wait around for him for unreasonable amounts of time. This does not change anything for him. How do I get him to start doing what he says he's going to do!


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  • I would suggest dumping this guy pronto. I have a TON of experience in this matter. A boyfriend used to do this to me all the time and I just recently had another guy do this to me last weekend! It's frustrating obviously. Why do guys do this? Who knows. Why don't they at least CALL to say they're not going to show up? Who knows. But what I do know is that your boyfriend is screwing with you and you've been letting him.

    What you do, is dump him. If you want to try one more time, then you stop making time for him. He hasn't been respecting your time so therefore you don't give him anyway. Just don't call for a couple days. When he asks to hang out, say you're busy. But do it very sweetly! Don't show any attitude or act like you're mad. Just treat him like a friend. "Oh I'm sorry I have so much homework to do and I promised my best friend we'd hang out. Maybe next time. Bye sweetie!" He's soon going to realize he screwed something up and when he asks "why aren't you making any time for me?" then you tell him how he wasn't giving you any time. Should fix it.


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  • You can't get him to do what he says.

    You can only tell him what you will or will not tolerate, and have enough backbone to stick to your word.

    If this guy is consistently jerking you around, there are only a few options:

    -He's testing you to learn what kind of crap you'll tolerate.

    -He's a jerk and doesn't care about leaving you hanging.

    -He's a serious flake.

    But to me, people's motives don't matter much. What's important is their behavior, and this guy is jerking you around.

    I suggest you tell him that if he ditches you once more, it's over. But ONLY say it if you mean it, and are willing to walk away from this guy. You deserve better.

    Good luck!

  • Do you like to be ditched, often?

    You stated. Keeps ditching me. That means you keep coming back, why? If he doesn't respect you and your time, why respect him and his time. Leave him. There's other dudes out there, trust me.

    If he's worth holding on to, then you can't blame anyone but yourself. Stop being a victim.


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  • Dump him. That is so rude and is saying that he does not respect your time or care about being with you. Especially if he's done it more than once, he is aware of the problem and doesn't care to change.

  • dump him.

    if he cares and wants to hang out with you he'll change.

    otherwise. not worth it.

  • Write down how you feel and leave it out for him. If he doesn't change, tell him it's over.

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