How to deal with a girl trying to steal my boyfriend?

There is this girl that my boyfriend months ago said he thought she was attractive and who "was just friends." I've recently found out though that a couple months ago they had been texting, messaging each other on Facebook... etc. etc. And it was not "just friend" stuff. She would call him babe and hun and baby. And she actually convinced him to make us go on a break with each other. She actually texts him saying how she is "so horny" and that she is going to come visit him and sleep over (He did invite since we were now on 'break').

This was a month or so ago. We're still kinda on break but I was obviously pissed cause I trusted him saying they were just friends. And this was while we were dating! So I questioned him about it. He admitted and what not but told me he was honestly just attracted to her sexually. (I mean she sounds like a whore).

He actually cried because I was so close to breaking it off with him. He told me he cares about me more than her or any other girl and he really did think that what he did was wrong. I told him I forgave him cause he told me he wouldn't talk to her again, at least nothing like that. I feel like a bitch telling him he can't be friends with her... but... I wouldn't be able to not freak out if I knew or saw them talking.

So although I am hesitant, I am choosing to give him a second chance. But I don't know how to deal with the girl. How should I act about her. I mean I see her a lot around campus, and what if she talks to him again. I know me telling him to not talk to her will start a huge fight. What do I do? I want the slut to back off!


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  • you walk up to her with brass knuckles and point it at her and say "Hear this slut, back the phuck off" then back away slowly while and mean dog eye her until she pees herself.

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      She's as tall as a giraffe though!

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      the bigger they are, the harder they fall