Why can't I get a boyfriend?

I'm loyal, trustworthy, not a slut. I'm respectful, funny, sweet, caring, generous, pretty though a lil chubby for my height. So why do guys not like me enough to want to be my boyfriend?

Ok what information do you need to understand more why I can't get a boyfriend! And just to add, I do go out a good bit


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  • Hey girl!! Wish I could find someone like yourself!! I'm that way myself too. 23 years old and still a virgin... My friends all have one night stands and it seems like they're getting girls left right and centre?!! I'm not sure if the girls nowadays like to sleep around or what.

    But I for one am waiting for "the one".... although its getting harder every day...

    I dunno girl, I think that the harder we look, the harder it is for us to find that someone special... seriously...

    For example, I've been working on the rigs since I was 17 until just a year ago, as soon as I got back I was looking soooo hard for a girl, but it just didn't seem to come, until one day I didn't care anymore... I went to take out at a restaurant, wasn't expecting to meet anybody, I didn't even shower, my hair was all over the place, my shirt was half ripped, and had huge baggy pants, as well my face was like chapped up. But yet that was the time I met the girl working there, we started to talk and hit it off great and went out!! Although it only lasted a few months, I'm just proving my point...

    It comes when you least expect it!!

    Try taking some classes you enjoy at night and stop looking soo hard... be outgoing... and its when you least expect it, it comes... It's ironic how things work sometimes...


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  • Things like past experiences, have you ever been told why a guy wouldn't date you, or why you are getting shut down. Alot could have to do with where you are meeting guys and who you hang out with... A little chubby is not bad I thought before you said 128 which is not big at all... I need to know what types of things you like to do and where your meeting guys... Is it every guy or a select few that you liked a lot that would make that step... Really just general info...

    How you carry yourself or put yourself out there... Because it sounds like you are a good person... With excellent qualities that many men would find appealing...

    • I meet guys through friends, in night clubs,school etc...i like to horseride, to travel not that I get 2 do it often!well how I put myself out there well I'm friendly 2 everybody and talk to everyone..its every guy I like !

    • It is all about how you carry yourself then. I can't see what you look like and you seem like your doing all the right things, being friendly and open is great but you have to be confident. Try switching things up, break routine and see what happens...

  • It depends on a lot of different factors... If you would like to write me privately I would be more than happy to help, but I need more information about different situations...

  • Well.......You never really "get" a boyfriend. These things tend to happen when you're least looking. If your obsessed with finding a boyfriend you will scare every eligible guy away.

    Just be you, go with the flow, and when a good guy comes around, you will find your boyfriend. There is nothing worse for most guys than an over-anxious girl.

    • I don't look for a boyfriend its not like the most important thong to me but I'm just starting to wonder what wrong with me that I never have one

  • Well it's hard to say with the amount of information you're telling us. But there's a few things you need to ask yourself. Are you putting yourself in situations where you can meet the kind of guys you want? If you rarely go out then that reduces your chances quite a bit. On the other hand, if you aren't willing to strike up a conversation with someone, they may not even talk to you in the first place. Sometimes you have to put yourself out there too. Whatever happens, just try not to be in too much of a rush to get into a relationship or you may end up unhappy.

  • There may be a lot of resons mainly your age for one, then guys are guys don't jump to them lol don't make it to easy you might be a great person and have all this amazing things about your self, but if your trying to hard then guys will get borde, that's just human of everyone, what you first need to do is find out what YOU want not what some one else want you, after you know what kind of person you want to get to know then bild your self image to match that, I'm not being low but looks matter (for only 15sec) after that don't worry about looks it takes 5 sec to size some one up after that 10 for some one to think if they are some one thay want to want to get to know

    But if your saying your a great person and your Loyal, Trustworthy, funny and all this. ill be 100% with you, you'v already got what it takes to get with a GOOD guy don't settle with something that's not to your standers EVER! give it time enjoy life and go things you love doing, odds are you are going to find some one doing something you like giving you your "icebraker" other then that, just enjoy life good things come in time always remember that!

    Hope this helped! =]

  • Dear anonymous user, your recent and probably perpetual boy "problems" can be boiled down to a very simple factor, you're ugly. I know we have been taught since childhood that everyone's beautiful and it's what's inside that counts because when we're old looks won't matter. FALSE! That's why god invented plastic surgery. Humans progressively become more selective in our breeding habits, except for Spooks and Mexicans, and we ween and cull the ugly ones out of existence. Using a binary system all humans decide whether they would copulate or not, and I regrettably inform you that you are on everyone's zeros list. Whether it be your overweight status or your blatantly idiotic disposition you must live to except that you are going to have to settle for less because no one else will take you.

    • WTF???? What the heck are you talkin abt???? If tat is what you and this stupid society believes in, then should she reli even wanna have a boyfriend nw??? Especially if they have the type of 'so-called' morals and values that you seem to possess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (& yes, I was being sarcastic there, get used to it jerk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I mean, hw shallow can you be?/? If there are people like you who have attitudes as rotten as yours, then take f***ing god that there is an option to NOT copulate!!!!

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    • Wtf ? Dear Firecrotch2008, if you're saying something like that, chances are you know from experience. Meaning you must be ugly too. God did not invent plastic surgery you idiot, humans did. How would YOU know if she is on everyone's zero list, you don't even know who she is. You are trying to sound smart by shooting out stupid inaccurate facts yet I've never heard anything more dumb that what you're saying.

    • well I wouldn't say she's ugly, but that her chubbiness is causing a lack of self worth and a lack of WORRY. we should just not worry, so that every chance would be grasped with honesty and not hesitated against.

  • Because you don't have any self esteem maybe? Because you want one too bad? Because maybe you are too picky? Maybe you live in a town where dudes only like slutty whores... it is hard to tell. If you are what you say you are, I am sure that you will find a nice guy soon - especially if you live in a town with a decent number of non-douche bag dudes.


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  • I'd guess that you don't have high self-esteem and guys sense a weakness in you that they don't want to deal with. Build a life for yourself, get a hobby, educated yourself, learn new things, get so busy that you don't even notice you don't have a man by your side. Create a life for yourself wherein you don't need a man by your side. Ironically, that's when they usually come along. They see a pretty, strong, smart girl with a lot of good things going on and they want to be a part of it.

  • dont listen to those here that have said nasty things ignore it I will twll you why you don't give it out your type will come alone for you 1 day when its ment to happen good luck :)

  • im in the same boat-- pretty nice cool hot whatever...i can't meet a guy and men reject me because I'm pretty...there is no reason except males these days are whacked---u have to be wahcked like them I think to meet someone

  • simple ans... because you are fat! man fidn you fat. tht why they dnt want you as gf!

  • I have the same problem I can't get a boyfriend either I'm pretty have a nice body nice sweet a little shy tho I don't know I think guys are just not ready loyal women like us

  • You have to play the game. Guys love the chase, and they like to know a girl who is mysterious. It seems that your approach to guys may show how predictable you are. It's only because most (not all) guys are not so serious about relationships right now. I hate to say it but sometimes nice girls finish last... and I say this because serious guys come around when we're much older - this is when they're looking to settle and look for that nice girl. So at this time of your life... just have fun and not have to worry about finding a boyfriend... don't worry, it'll eventually happen. I promise!

  • just keep smiling and be happy ! someday a boy will wanna like you more than a friend. if the boy you like doesn't know you like him talk to him and spend time with him and show him how much you care . =D

  • To be honest, you can't really except someone to just come along and take your heart. Your time will come where you will have someone to like you for who you are. Most guys nowadays are douches and only like sluts. You don't want a guy to like you just for your looks. And all those qualities you have are what a guy would like. Maybe they just need time to figure it out.

  • Get off the internet and get out there!

    • Im always out there !! with friends ,school,night clubs ,holidays I'm always out on the scene that's why I don't understand.