Why can't I get a boyfriend?

I'm loyal, trustworthy, not a slut. I'm respectful, funny, sweet, caring, generous, pretty though a lil chubby for my height. So why do guys not like me enough to want to be my boyfriend?

Ok what information do you need to understand more why I can't get a boyfriend! And just to add, I do go out a good bit


Most Helpful Guy

  • Hey girl!! Wish I could find someone like yourself!! I'm that way myself too. 23 years old and still a virgin... My friends all have one night stands and it seems like they're getting girls left right and centre?!! I'm not sure if the girls nowadays like to sleep around or what.

    But I for one am waiting for "the one".... although its getting harder every day...

    I dunno girl, I think that the harder we look, the harder it is for us to find that someone special... seriously...

    For example, I've been working on the rigs since I was 17 until just a year ago, as soon as I got back I was looking soooo hard for a girl, but it just didn't seem to come, until one day I didn't care anymore... I went to take out at a restaurant, wasn't expecting to meet anybody, I didn't even shower, my hair was all over the place, my shirt was half ripped, and had huge baggy pants, as well my face was like chapped up. But yet that was the time I met the girl working there, we started to talk and hit it off great and went out!! Although it only lasted a few months, I'm just proving my point...

    It comes when you least expect it!!

    Try taking some classes you enjoy at night and stop looking soo hard... be outgoing... and its when you least expect it, it comes... It's ironic how things work sometimes...