Why would my ex say she loves me but that she doesn't want to be with me because she's happy?

I've been dating this girl for over four years. We had our struggles and all but things were going good. Out of nowhere she decided that she needed some time to think about us. I went against my instincts and gave her the space she wanted. We met back up to talk and she said she didn't want to be... Show More

My ex called me to tell me all guys are the same. Her new guy was playing her.. A week after she called back to say she made her decision. She wants to start as close friends and let things happen how they happen (one more chance). What should I do?

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  • Her reasoning is miserable... If she loves you truly, why broke up for a "bar scene". In my opinion, she eases the pain of love and the guilt for dumping you.

    If a girl wants a "break" for any reason, I think she's "breaking up" with you. Because if one can not be overcome something with his/her love, so this person is not "in love" anymore...

    Man up, go no contact for your own sake and move on your own life. After doing that, if she comes to you one day with real feelings and without confusion in her life, you will think to accept her or not. But remember, don't look desperate and weak. Have your own life in the meantime...