If a married man truly loves his wife, would he pursue another woman?

Guys, my girlfriends and I are just talking about this, and thought your views could settle our discussion! If a married man is truly in love with his wife, would he pursue another woman for a long period of time, flirt with her etc? Let is know what you guys think!


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  • No. Guys that do that only love themselves.

    • What exactly do you mean?

    • If they care about their temporary enjoyment so much that they are willing to risk destroying their relationship, or at least hurting their wives, then it is obvious they do not value her much to begin with. If you don't value them, then clearly you don't love them. They might care for her, but not so much that I would call it love.

    • or he is just a man who acts based on impulse. either of which cannot be trusted! Lol

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  • Whether he loves his wife isn't necessarily the issue. The issue is: is his relationship with his wife healthy? If it is, then the only way he'd be pursuing another woman is if he is just a super-selfish cheater.

    But if that relationship is not healthy, and he's made serious efforts to fix the relationship but hasn't been able to for one reason or another, then it's possible that he's pursuing another woman because he knows his own relationship can't be fixed. Obviously the right thing to do is to end that relationship, but sometimes that's not as feasible as it should be. If there are children involved, or financial issues that would destroy his life in a divorce, then many guys will stay together in the relationship even though they long ago "checked out" of it emotionally (the same is true for some women).

    Regardless, though, I really recommend you don't mess with a married guy, especially if you are looking for an actual relationship. Married men almost never leave their wives for their "other women", and you are never going to really be able to be together and have a normal relationship if he's still married to someone else.

  • No he wouldn't...he may THINK he loves his wife but he truly doesn't

  • No. He would not. I love my wife with all my heart and also work in an environment where ample opportunity exists for female attention. I maintain a polite and professional distance because 1) I love my wife and no other woman can offer what she does. 2) My wife deserves my loyalty, devotion and attention. 3) thanks to love, I simply do not desire other women. She is quite enough. NOW, also know that she makes herself wonderful to me. Stays fit, respects me, shows me loyalty, and dresses well. Despite the fact she has no competition in my eyes, she tries everyday to be better than what's out there. Unnecessary but an appreciated part of the equation. I'm 100% devoted to her and nobody can steer me away.

  • No, he wouldn't. But that's only in the context of our society, where we prize sexual fidelity as basically the most important thing about relationships.

    But it's hardly our natural state, either. In actual monogamous creatures, they lose attraction to other individuals. I suppose it's like how when you or a family member have a baby, other babies suddenly aren't as cute, and are even weird looking. Suddenly your spouse is the only thing you're attracted to.

    But that quite obviously isn't how we work. link

  • I do and I would not.

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  • No he has no respect for either women or even for himself. No respect no love! At least not real love. This is what happens when men aren't really ready to settle down but are too insecure not to. He needs a long time single to sort his head out before embarking on any involvement with anyone!

  • Some guys have a big ego! Some guys will try to get it from different aspect like flirting with other girls even up to the point of destroying their relationship. Big EGO comes selfishness. Hopefully you can help your friend to do the right thing.

  • Because he wants more women. It's natural to want more

  • No. I know this married guy who hits on every girl he sees. it's so sad. . he knows that I know her, he just doesn't care. I don't see how he can truly love his wife. oh and by the way did I mention she's pregnant? I think people like that are selfish sociopaths who only care about themselves. his situation goes past cheating because OK cheating is bad enough but to do it with multiple women, some who are even friends of your wife? that's just low and shows no respect