If a married man truly loves his wife, would he pursue another woman?

Guys, my girlfriends and I are just talking about this, and thought your views could settle our discussion! If a married man is truly in love with his wife, would he pursue another woman for a long period of time, flirt with her etc? Let is know what you guys think!


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  • No. Guys that do that only love themselves.

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      What exactly do you mean?

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      If they care about their temporary enjoyment so much that they are willing to risk destroying their relationship, or at least hurting their wives, then it is obvious they do not value her much to begin with. If you don't value them, then clearly you don't love them. They might care for her, but not so much that I would call it love.

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      or he is just a man who acts based on impulse. either of which cannot be trusted! Lol