How can you tell if a stripper actually likes you?

I went to the strip club with my friends and they bought me a lap dance with the girl who I choose, then I was unable to go out with them for like 6 months to this one club because of my soccer. Then I go back to this club and take a dance with this girl and she remembers me from 6 months ago and tell me to take her for more songs, so I did next time I was in, and when she gives me my dances its more of talking and getting to know each other and she like does stuff to me like the way she rubs against me and touches me like intending she wants to kiss me and like hugs and all that, and when I am there she always try to get my attention when she is on stage and walking around to floor.

I'm wondering if she likes me or just plays that way to keep me coming back to her?