Why do girls like to dance and why don't guys like to dance?

Why do you like or dislike dancing?


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  • I don't like dancing. I have no rhythm, and I just feel awkward when I dance.

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  • Girls can get away with bad dancing just because they're girls ( not all. obviously). But guys can make things look VERY awkward. If they wave their body too little, they look stiff. If they do too much, they look either gay, or a freaky pervert.

    • Lol this is true which is why I don't dance unless its mexican stuff I know for a fact how to dance to lol

  • I don't like dancing. Never have. I'm no good at it and maybe I'm too self-conscious or something, I don't know.

  • i don't really like to dance because I don't think I'm very good.

  • I am a TERRIBLE dancer so I never dance and get out of it whenever it's possible.

    As for other girls, I'm not sure.

  • not all girls like to dance. btu me on the other hand, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to dance. not really at parties, but modenr is my fav

    i have a guy friend who likes to dace. so not all guys don't dislike dancing. just depends on the guy/girl

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  • I absolutely HATE it. I feel really awkward when I do it. Although I am tempted to learn to do "the Carlton" just for a joke.

    But I'll do it if I have to. Basically, I feel really stupid doing it. I had to dance with my sister for a wedding dance Brother sister dance. Ugh. All that lumbering around like Frankenstein's monster stumbling in a big circle. And I wasn't that great at it either. ;)

  • Part of the reason women like dancing is actually evolutionary. Basically they're trying to gain the attention of males in the sense of mating dances. Don't believe me? If women want to dance so bad they can do it in a bath robe at home. Instead they get all gussied up and head to a bar or club. Why? To attract men. Furthermore, men are visually stimulated, so women have to appear physically attractive for the most part to get males' attention, hence the movements women typically do men often find erotic.

    Even if women "just like to dance", guess what, that's because their ancestors that enjoyed doing so happened to pass down their genes better so naturally, over time, women evolved to enjoy the process. Now you know why women like to dance.

  • what?

    I like to dance; it's just that girls don't like to dance with ME!

    there you go, haha

  • hey homie I love to dance, you just gotta feel the rythm and go with it dance classes are just steps, now girls just dance naturally, if you don't know how to dance go to a club and tell a girl to teach you, that's what I did and I'm pretty good!

  • Simply put, I can't do it. For my wedding some day, I will get lessons, but that's more for ballroom dancing or something like that, but not until then.

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