She blocked me on facebook?

well I didn't want to put the question as, why did she block me on facebook? Because the answer seems pretty obvious... but maybe you guys can give me some hope still... the girl in question is pretty much my dream girl... before sending her a message on facebook out of no where ! (ahh I'm so stupid) everything was really good. she lives near me and we always look at each other and smile and wave and say hi and I have caught her looking at me a few times... like really friendly smiles and I can just tell she likes me ( or so I thought )... I think she is a little shy... I am too... so after this has been going on for a long time , I decided to find her on facebook Because in person she is always with her family / or y family is around... I could barely ever catch her by herself, and she goes to school out of state so... I missed seeing her... I sent her a message asking if I knew her from somewhere? =) ... she responded she didn't know because she couldn't see my pic... my pic was our street sign.., then I asked her exactly how many people with my name she knew on our street? then she laughed and said she never called me by my full name before! and asked me how it was going... at this point I got carried away I guess Because I was relieved she responded ... I probably wrote too much back but I was trying to start conversation... I told her it was nice out here and I asked her how she was doing and how everything was going and ... then I asked her not to tell anyone I looked her up Because I still like to go out side ... ( which meant I was just shy and didn't want anyone to know ) but I didn't say it like that to her so I don't know what she thinks... about 3 weeks went by and she never responded so I sent another message telling her I wanted to apoligize for writing her like that and looking her up without asking her... she responded a couple days later and said no worries, I hope your doing well ! , then I responded thanking her and telling her she was was so cool! lol ... and I asked her if she wanted me to / could I keep writing her ? or should I just stay on my side of the street ? I thought it was clever lol but again she didn't respond ... a month went by and so I wrote her again, apologizing for sending her messages she doesn't respond to and that I understand ... and I wished her well and told her I would see her around... then she responded a few days later , she said hey, seriously stop apologizing. its totally fine, I'm just really busy and rarely come on facebook . see you around! ... that message is fine, I'm totally fine with that... I wasn't going to send her anymore messages... but I noticed now am blocked! =( awwwwww I'm so sadd... did she really block me? and why? what are some possible reasons other than she doesn't like me? or do you think she just doesn't like me? I really really really thought this girl liked me! I think I scared her away she probably thinks I'm a stalker! oh god this sucks ! what can I do you guys? please help! sorry this was so long!

thanks everyone for the help, you guys make me feel a little bit better... I wouldn't mind some more input from girls tho if possible or anyone! thanks!
i was also thinking she might have a boyfriend or something... some of my friends said maybe her boyfriend blocked me or she can't talk to me because of some reason like that and that's why I got blocked... if she didn't like me she could have told me she had a boyfriend or something, but she never did... that might be a good sign for me... she just said , see you around! and she was mad that I apologized... I think that's good too... she doesn't want me to be sorry for contacting her maybe?


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  • Dude, you are seriously OVER EMOTIONAL about 1 girl. She's your dream girl? Yeah, right. Well your dream girl just shot you down because you freaked her out.

    What you need to realize is that you're LUSTING over this chick because she's so beautiful and such. You don't know her personally. So how could this be your dream girl?

    Get a grip and go find another girl. But don't go crazy over their apparent beauty, because you can find those girls anywhere you go. First rule is to build a friendship with said girl, and get to know them more. Build attraction and then you can progress into a relationship, as long as the girl is right for you.

    • it would be different if she wasn't the girl next door... to get blocked by a girl that lives near you is pretty messed up... I don't think its over emotional to be hurt by that... hear what your saying... I was trying to be her friend... I just showed too much interest . yeah she is really beautiful too if you guys saw her you'd probably all start trying to write her on facebook too lol

    • You're obsessed with her. Tone it down, ok? Girls are human beings, so treat them as potential friends. That's where you can start with them.


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  • Yeh definitely sounds like she ether has a boyfriend or maybe she does like you but doesn't want any attachments right now because she said she was busy so maybe she doesn't have time for anyone.

    • SHe has time, that's a bunch of nonsense! She doesn't like the guy, now THAT"S the true reason.Why is it that you girls have to play these head games all the time when ANY guy who is hot and you like, you find hours a day texting and dating. every chick on the earth has TIME when they like someone, THEY FIND TIME! cut the crap ladies.

    • Not all of us do it, me I don't even have any friends because for some reason I'm the target of all people to make the laughing stock of the entire town :( so people pretty much ruin that for me especially other girls. See problem is people have got into the habit of just flirting with anyone for attention and that's it, then they move onto the next one soon as they get bored of them, it's just up to you to make an actual positive difference in their life.

    • I don't think saying stuff like YOU LADIES do this and that, oh your all so evil bla de bla, that's not what people want is someone talking behind their back gossiping about them.

  • I'm sorry but I don't think you can do anything about this...she's pretty much blocked your only mode of contact with her, sounds like you creeped her out. :(

    My only suggestion is that next time you try to get know someone you're interested in then maybe you should try to talk to them in real life. It's hard to gauge how someone feels about you online.

    • do you think she will still talk to me ? I know I messed up , I really like her... =(

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    • someone like that. Keep your eyes open...she might not be as perfect as you make her out to be. Try to get to know her for who she is and not the dream girl image you have in your head right now.

    • thanks! believe me I'm never going to try to talk to her on the internet again! at least now I have to talk to her in person... lol ... I know she isn't perfect and I'm not tryin to put her on a pedistal ... many weird things have happened to me in my life and I feel like she has come into it for a reason... especially how she was looking at me in the past. I'm sure before this she may have wondered if I liked her... it was probably the other way around... wish it was still. I think I scared her...

  • Too much, too soon.

    You did creep her out & she was afraid of you. That is no way to be. Next time, take it easy. I don't think she will ever give you another chance, so don't give that a thought. I fear that boat has sailed.

    • yeah I did scare her a little , but I also haven't had a chance to explain ... I have faith in this girl... I think she will give me a chance again. if she didn't like me at all she would have never responded... she could have just blocked me... her blocking me actually saved me... now it will be a few months before I see her again but by then I think it will be forgotten a little or just remembered as me trying to talk to her... which isn't that bad... it just shows I like her...

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    • im chill and yes life lesson learned, no more hittin up girls on the internet lol ... its possible she has a boyfriend and didn't want us to see each other. I never tried to add her and she never tried to add me... I didn't add her because I just wanted to talk to her, I didn't want to see her pics or get her info... she might not have added me because she has a boyfriend and she didn't want me to see. the more I think about it the more I think she probably has a boyfriend or something. maybe I didn't scare her at all...

    • That's right but you forgot to tell him to move ON! She didn't like him. If she did, she would be all over his texts and FB.All chicks FIND THE TIME WHEN THE GUY IS HOT AND THEY LIKE HIM.I don't care if it's a high school reunion or a brothers or sisters friggin wedding, Every girl on this earth find plenty of time WHEN THEY LIKE THE HOT GUY WHO LIKES THEM. Stop lying girls.

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  • Dude,you blew it.YOu were too needy and weak.Woman and girls like a guy who doesn't give FLYING FUCK! Learn it, live it, love it! You need to show them that you have otehr interests and girls. When they learn this, you become more mysterious to them, That's when the juices flow. You have to come across confident and not give a shit.That's when they like it. DO not text her again.She has to respond or move on. You don't want to come across with no confidence in your self because she will perceive this, It's a brutal game of psychology but the guys who get the woman,ar ethe ones confident and don't have a care in the world if she rejects them.The guys who make girls laugh are called gay men/friends,the guy who gets woman in bed, know that you need to build their tension and making a girl laugh all night releases that tension! So don't be the comedian, be the sexy guy who doesn't give a SHIT about if she rejects him or not, there are otehr chicks I'll pick up tonight, I'm not throwing all my eggs in one basket babe.I once screwed up with a long distance family friendship I tried to turn into a relationship(my wife's cousin, OUCH!) I mentioned having children with her and she freaked out and blocked me on FB probably because I creeped her out and I only said this to her because I perceived that it was over anyway cause she was torturing me never responding texts and when she did from time to time, they were so criptic answers like one or two sentence anwers., I said to myself. FUCK YOU, I'm more important then that and you were teasing me for 18 months and now you want to tease me again through this horshit FB and texting. I'll just wait until I get to hungary in April and go over her fucking house and knock on the fucking door and straighten her ass out once and for all by telling her, "I don't need you but you should be flattered of having me babe" That's the attitude dude!

  • You're stressing too much man. My true advice to you, even more so than last time's is to just give it a week. Calm your emotions down and rethink things. Not getting this girl isn't the end of it all. If she truly is your so called "dream" girl you have to dig a little deeper than just a few hellos and eye glances. I myself am in one of these stupid emotional f***s right now, but I've learned that if you give it a few days and such, you'll see clearer. Just focus on other things for now then come back around to it a few days later.

    • thanks for the advice. I agree. I was stressing a lot to see she blocked me. it was a shock that threw me off. I didn't think that would happen. I automatically thought the worst. but after thinking about it, its not that bad. its true I don't know her well yet. so I don't know her reason for blocking me. but the tone of my last message was that it was the last one I would send until I saw her again and her last message was the same. we both said see you around! it just bothered me to be blocked

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    • yeah, I'm glad she responded before she blocked me... makes me think she still wants to talk, just in person, which is good... if she smiles at me when I see her again ima be so happy ... I hope she doesn't ignore me... ahhhh... damn girls... lol , thanks again tho man!

    • Bad advice,he fucked up and he should move on and for the next person , don't give a shit and that's what they like cause its mysterious to them.When you look needy ,it

      s the biggest turnoff for all ladies.If she doesn't initiate a text back or start the texting, she isn't interested.plain and simple, if she were, she'd be all over the texting getting a date with you.,When A girl doesn't respond after one text, walk away.

  • Yeah, no... it's pretty clear that you freaked her out.

    Move on?

    Or try to talk to her in real life sometime in the future (and try to act more normal).

    • yeah I scared her away... I just hope its possible I didn't do too much damage and she will give me another chance to talk to her! thanks

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    • damn it I'm such a dumb ass if I had just calmed down and took some time to think and get some oxygen in my brain I wouldn't be here wondering if she would ever talk to me again... I'm just a guy what can I do? lol

    • Part one to your answer ,CORRECT. part two INCORRECT! MOVE ON! A girl is so easy to understand. simply put. they all find time to do anything with the hot guy who likes them and they like him. I don't care if they have a scheduled dentist appointment to whiten their friggin teeth or a free tanning or a free dinner out with the friends. It makes no difference. A girl or woman loves and good looking guy who's an asshole because he doesn't give a shit and can have any other girls.

  • Sorry man, it seems like you were too clingy or came on too hard. Whatever the case you said you've seen her around before? Why don't you just try to talk to her when you see her again?

    • yeah, she lives near me... when I see her I will try to talk to her... yeah I showed to much interest... in a way its good she blocked me because I guess I could have just kept making it worse... but I feel so bad to know that I made her actually put me on a block list instead of her just writing me back or something... but I don't know her that well maybe she has reasons other than not liking me... I can only hope...

    • If she really is shy, I would just consider taking it a bit slower. Good luck with it bro

    • man I'm bout to go slower than a prius in the fast lane ... thanks man I appreciate it !

  • Sorry to say this buddy but maybe she is not interested. Also have you guys ever talked irl? "pretty much my dream girl.." why exactly, do you know her well?

    • yeah but barely we're both shy... I know she liked me before this... I scared her away... she's my dream girl because she is the girl all guys hope would move in near them... she's the girl next door... I don't know her well so that is a problem... that is what I was trying to do was open up some lines of communication with her... at least she responded before she blocked me... lol and I will get to see her in person again someday... and I intend to talk about it with her when I do and find out why

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    • Man so what makes you think she will pick you? Eye contact and smiles is nice and all but it won't get you the girl. Maybe you should write her a letter explaining how you feel about her (easier than face to face) and leave it on her post box, invite her to do something and let her decide if she is interested.

    • lol naw I'm not gonna let her know anymore info about how I feel about her... if anything I already told her too much... I will just try and talk to her in person when I see her and be her friend... that is all I wanted anyway because I think if we were friends she would like me, I mean I think she liked me and she didn't even know me... and my personality is like the best part lol... but she probably thinks I'm a stalker! ahhh I'm just a stupid guy! girls make guys stupid... seriously