She blocked me on facebook?

well I didn't want to put the question as, why did she block me on facebook? Because the answer seems pretty obvious... but maybe you guys can give me some hope still... the girl in question is pretty much my dream girl... before sending her a message on facebook out of no where ! (ahh I'm so stupid) everything was really good. she lives near me and we always look at each other and smile and wave and say hi and I have caught her looking at me a few times... like really friendly smiles and I can just tell she likes me ( or so I thought )... I think she is a little shy... I am too... so after this has been going on for a long time , I decided to find her on facebook Because in person she is always with her family / or y family is around... I could barely ever catch her by herself, and she goes to school out of state so... I missed seeing her... I sent her a message asking if I knew her from somewhere? =) ... she responded she didn't know because she couldn't see my pic... my pic was our street sign.., then I asked her exactly how many people with my name she knew on our street? then she laughed and said she never called me by my full name before! and asked me how it was going... at this point I got carried away I guess Because I was relieved she responded ... I probably wrote too much back but I was trying to start conversation... I told her it was nice out here and I asked her how she was doing and how everything was going and ... then I asked her not to tell anyone I looked her up Because I still like to go out side ... ( which meant I was just shy and didn't want anyone to know ) but I didn't say it like that to her so I don't know what she thinks... about 3 weeks went by and she never responded so I sent another message telling her I wanted to apoligize for writing her like that and looking her up without asking her... she responded a couple days later and said no worries, I hope your doing well ! , then I responded thanking her and telling her she was was so cool! lol ... and I asked her if she wanted me to / could I keep writing her ? or should I just stay on my side of the street ? I thought it was clever lol but again she didn't respond ... a month went by and so I wrote her again, apologizing for sending her messages she doesn't respond to and that I understand ... and I wished her well and told her I would see her around... then she responded a few days later , she said hey, seriously stop apologizing. its totally fine, I'm just really busy and rarely come on facebook . see you around! ... that message is fine, I'm totally fine with that... I wasn't going to send her anymore messages... but I noticed now am blocked! =( awwwwww I'm so sadd... did she really block me? and why? what are some possible reasons other than she doesn't like me? or do you think she just doesn't like me? I really really really thought this girl liked me! I think I scared her away she probably thinks I'm a stalker! oh god this sucks ! what can I do you guys? please help! sorry this was so long!

thanks everyone for the help, you guys make me feel a little bit better... I wouldn't mind some more input from girls tho if possible or anyone! thanks!
i was also thinking she might have a boyfriend or something... some of my friends said maybe her boyfriend blocked me or she can't talk to me because of some reason like that and that's why I got blocked... if she didn't like me she could have told me she had a boyfriend or something, but she never did... that might be a good sign for me... she just said , see you around! and she was mad that I apologized... I think that's good too... she doesn't want me to be sorry for contacting her maybe?


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  • Dude, you are seriously OVER EMOTIONAL about 1 girl. She's your dream girl? Yeah, right. Well your dream girl just shot you down because you freaked her out.

    What you need to realize is that you're LUSTING over this chick because she's so beautiful and such. You don't know her personally. So how could this be your dream girl?

    Get a grip and go find another girl. But don't go crazy over their apparent beauty, because you can find those girls anywhere you go. First rule is to build a friendship with said girl, and get to know them more. Build attraction and then you can progress into a relationship, as long as the girl is right for you.

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      it would be different if she wasn't the girl next door... to get blocked by a girl that lives near you is pretty messed up... I don't think its over emotional to be hurt by that... hear what your saying... I was trying to be her friend... I just showed too much interest . yeah she is really beautiful too if you guys saw her you'd probably all start trying to write her on facebook too lol

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      You're obsessed with her. Tone it down, ok? Girls are human beings, so treat them as potential friends. That's where you can start with them.

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