Deep questions to ask your boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I play the question game and we've pretty much ran out of questions to ask! Any suggestions?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Biggest physical turn-off with opposite sex?

    Biggest mental turn-on with opposite sex?

    Biggest mental turn-off with opposite sex?

    Any bad habits?

    Any pet peeves?

    Would you want to live to be 100?

    Would you want to talk to dead?

    If could have one super-power?

    Believe in aliens? ghosts? mind-reading? future telling?...etc

    Rather be extremely attractive but dumb or extremely ugly but smart?

    Rather loose sight, hearing, speech, or legs?

    What you hate most about the world?

    Something you worry about most?

    Strangest experience ever?

    Ever been close to death? (explain)

    If had 24 hours to live, what would do?

    What/When was most angry you’ve ever been?

    Would rather die long/drawn out with time or drop dead without warning.?

    Would tell partner if you cheated?

    3 material things couldn’t live without?

    3 mental things couldn’t live without?

    Would you give lethal injection to convicted murder? What if paid $100? $500? 1000? 10000? 100000?..etc

    Meet one famous person who?

    Most expensive thing ever bought?

    Longest relationship?

    Age lost virginity?

    What animal you’re most like?

    Favorite month and why? Day? Time?

    Life after death? What's like?

    Opinion on religions?

    Would sacrifice self for a loved one?

    Favorite song and why?

    If could have any career in world?

    Believe in love at first sight?

    Spontaneity of stability?

    If had to describe me with 5 words?

    Ever been cheated on?

    Ever had any mental issues?

    Thought of suicide ever crossed your mind?

    When was most loved you ever felt?