Ladies, If your boyfriend / Husband got fired from work , would you despise him?

I always had the idea in my mind that if for any reason it happens that I loose my job , even if I do my best , then I will loose my worth.. and my near and dear will look down on me.

I am not talking here on someone who has no goals or no will for life.. I i am talking about someone who is trying his best .

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Hello, first thank you for your replies , I am not talking about being fired for misconduct or sexual harassment., stealing etc.. I am talking about work related issues.. performance, difference with boss , work stress.. etc


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  • My husband lost his job a while back, Making a descent salary . I didn't want to leave him just for that , Things happen. He took jobs here and there , Than a guy who was very successful who owned a dealership focusing on European cars . Asked him to be his lead mechanic , Which lead to him later being partners . The money started rolling in big time, My husband went to college and something totally different than being a mechanic. But because he lost his job, He took a mechanic job at walmart . Everyone said with his talent he could do better than that , But his thing was taking care of his family . Because he swallowed his pride , He learned a lot from working there . With the extra training from his partner , He became an excellent mechanic . His last job that he lost , He made about 60.000 to 68,000 a year . With him being a partner , And fixing mercedes on the side . It took his salary to 80,000 to 95,000 a year,

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      God bless you and your family . May you always be in wealth

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