How come women never approach men and initiate conversation, and don't ask men out, is this a reason why?

Even in the new Millennium, the second Millennium, and now that it is the 21'st Century, it is still mostly up to the man to initiate the pursuit, make the first move, chase and pursue the woman, and ask her out on a date. Women very rarely pursue and chase Men, and ask them out, so rare that it seems like never. Anyway, I was wondering if I have a valid point here as to why it is still up to the man to take the lead and initiate things. "It is traditional, and since our culture and society has made that the status quo, and why would women risk rejection when they can let all the men come to them? They can get away with doing nothing, so of course they are going to get away with it". Is this a reason why women don't take the initiative that often?

In a way, I don't blame women for wanting the man to take the initiative and ask them out, because it's better to be the person doing the rejecting instead of being the one receiving rejection, is that a reason why women don't ask men out and pursue them?
Let's say it had traditionally been the other way around, women doing the pursuing and asking men out, taking the initiative, would us men want that tradition to change? Most likely no, because it's better to do the rejecting instead of receiving it.
Also, does the unfair double-standard stop women from approaching men and asking men out on dates? The standard that says it is okay for men to sleep around, but not okay for women? Is that another reason why?
Since it has been that way for a long time, the man always or for the most part, doing the pursuing, taking the initiative and asking a woman out, do you think women rather never no what would happen with a situation then be rejected? Is that a reason?
Are there any other reasons why women very rarely approach men and initiate conversation, and ask men out on dates? or have I basically already answered my own question? Do I have valid points why?
Is there anything wrong with a woman approaching a man, pursuing him and initiating a date and relationship with him? I see nothing wrong at all.
Seriously, who started the tradition, and who made it the status quo that the guy is usually the one to take the initiative, make the first move and start a conversation, and ask the girl out, overall, initiate the date and relationship?
Was it Religion, Politics, etc.?


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  • They don't take the initiative either because it's easier and/or they like men who have the courage and confidence to make an approach. Those two traits, especially confidence are irresistible to women.

    However, I also find it disturbing how women do NOT initiate or rarely do. Since we're living in a post-industrial, 'democratic' society in which social liberal ideals like feminism came about, we should see a greater variety of actions come out from women and not just in regards to job opportunities. If they want to measure up to a true level of equality then they should take more initiative in social situations more often. I'm disgusted with double-standards that are often overlooked in this 'society' and are never given they attention they deserve.

    Also, if you really want women to approach you, maybe you should look at yourself. Be more presentable and I'm not just talking about your appearance and how you dress, but your body language. Make yourself look more receptive and I'm sure that the girls will read it and may take the initiative.

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      True, but do you think I have good valid points for what I wrote in my question? are those other reasons why?

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      Do I have good reasons why as to how come women don't take the initiative?

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      What do you think?