My girlfriend doesn't want to clean the house. How do I get her to clean the house?

She says she doesn't want to clean the house cause she's equal/not my slave. She wants to share the work. No sex if I don't help her clean the house! That's ridiculous. Women are supposed to clean the house. Doesn't she respect me or why does she expect me to help her clean the house? My mom always cleaned up after my dad and she never complained. What did I do wrong? How do I get her to clean the house? It's not easy. She's a tough cookie.

I feel like I'm a failure cause she doesn't want to clean up after me. I won't help her clean the house. It is too humiliating. My dad says I need to make sure women know who's boss/put them in their place if they don't behave. I'm pretty horny right now and she won't give me sex. It pisses me off.

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    You don't deserve sex.

    What makes you think you get to live in that house, dirty up those dishes, leave your sh*t all over the place, fill the garbage up, dirty up the bathroom -

    And not have to clean sh*t up?

    Grow up dude.

    Your girlfriend is not your f***ing maid. Neither is your mom, or any other woman figure, unless you specifically hire a maid lol

    Your a grown ass man, you can pick up after yourself. It's not that got damn hard.

    The only reason your girlfriend should be cleaning up the house mainly on her own, is if she's a stay at home girl. Then that's pretty much her job lol.

    But if she's working like your working, paying the bills and all that - then you honestly can't complain. She's helping you pay those bills, you should be helping her clean the house.

    There's nothing wrong with a guy cleaning up - it shows that your responsible and know how to take care of your home.

    Your father was wrong in his thinking - it's honestly no one's " job" to do anything in a relationship.

    So quit complaining about a few damn chores - if you don't clean up after yourself, your just disgusting.

    • It's a lot deeper than just oh the guy dominates over the girl is the leader - that's such a literal sense that simple minded people inquire. And feminist who are pretty much illogical for the most part.

      Please try to understand something fully before creating a counter argument.

    • That would be fine if his girlfriend was okay with it - because now there is tension in their powers. Since she doesn't agree obviously, this is when an adjustment needs to be made to re balance the powers, in this case, reaching a mutual agreement about housework.

      Why is it fair that the woman must be forced to give up her power in order just to please him? That's not fair to the balance, and will only cause more stress on the relationship.

    • Quit thinking like a feminist, and actually put some logic behind your answers. It's not heartless towards women, to let men assume that positon - and that position of power, is not literal in a sense that the man barks orders and the woman must follow - not at all. It's more of a subtle placement of power that stimulates the male's need to have some authority.

      In this case, this male has derived masculinity from being raised that women should always clean / cater to the guy -

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  • The problem here is not that she isn't cleaning the house. The problem is that the two of you have different ideas about what a relationship is. She believes in equality between partners and you believe in a more paternalistic household where the male is in control. If one of you doesn't change your idea about relationships, then your relationship is doomed for failure. You don't have to control the house like your father did but I understand why you may think you have to because that's how you learned about relationships. Perhaps you should try helping her clean the house (at least clean up after yourself to be fair). If that doesn't work for you, then as I said the relationship is doomed for failure and you may as well just give it up now and find a woman who is willing to be controlled by you.

  • Stop being a f***in a**hole and help her clean the house. It's not gonna kill you. Jesus f***ing christ

  • You don't have to be like your can be like , hey this is my girlfriend I love her and I don't want to put her through anymore stress than I have to. Women are not objects they have feelings as well as men. You think its humiliating? well what about her? she doesn't want to be viewed as a slave or back in the old days where women had few to little rights. get off your high horse and help. A real man knows to value his woman =P and treat her well and with respect.

    Dude if you keep going you're ganna get blue balls because of your "pride"

    • lol. well obviously you have had the pleasure of not going through it. haha.

      It's when a guy hasn't been able to have any sex or the pleasure of releasing himself and his sh*t turning against him.

    • What are blue balls ?

  • Does she work outside the home?

  • Look at the palm of your hand, now flip it over... You see that? It's called the back of your hand.. Introduce it to her.

    • How am I a nazi?

    • @" the obvious escapes many." right- you mean like you being a nazi?

  • What is it with men lol.

    Really man? She's your wife. You expect her to be there for you and provide certain things is it so hard for you to help her clean?Wouldn't you want to make it easier and faster so she wouldn't have to go through that alone? Who the hell wants to clean a whole house by themselves and keep it neat all the time.

    Your parents relationship is different. You can't expect yours to be like theirs. And just because a woman doesn't complain..doesn't mean she doesn't have issues to do it.

    If you want a clean house, help her out or get a maid.

    It's not's not like she told you to clean the whole house yourself.

  • smack her in the face with your d*** that will put her in line.

    • go f*** a doll.

    • she's submissive in bed. I did that many times before. why isn't she submissive in 'normal' life? it pisses me off..

    • either that or you're gonna be single after lol

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  • Offer her chocolate as a reward if she does what you want. She's your dog, train her. Clean girl, clean.

    • Sounds hot. Should I buy a dog leash with her name written on it?

    • o_O

  • this is one of the better troll questions I have seen in a bit

  • She is just asking for some help. I am sure she does everything else like cooking. She is a different type of girl so she expects you to help her, that is it.

    How about just giving it a try and see what happens ? Maybe that is the only help she wants from you.