Why Going Back To Your Ex Is A Terrible Idea.

I know I'd (NOT) go Back To You!
I know I'd (NOT) go Back To You!

We loved, we lost, we loved again and lost again. We love him, we hate him, we love him, we miss him. Oh how we want this to work. There are so many good things about our ex. So many wonderfully beautiful qualities about them. Our hearts are torn. Surely we can make this work, right? Wrong.

There are many reasons why you should never go back to your ex but I'll list only 4 of them here.

1. Why didn’t it work out the first time?

The truth is something was wrong last time. It had to be. You don’t break up for no reason. They cheated, you fell out of love, they weren’t the person you thought they were, they stopped going to the gym, one of you fell for someone else, they wouldn’t close the toothpaste cap… something had to happen to make you break up.

Magic won’t help you now. The past is the past, and most of the time you can’t get it back.

2. You may just be desperate/lonely

The longer you are single or abstinent; the better your ex’s start to look. You remember the sex to be better than it was, and you remember the problems to be easier to get over than they are.

Just because you listen to your Taylor Swift CD of 1989 on repeat doesn’t mean you miss them, it means you miss someone and something. You just want to feel something again.

But 99% of the time, they aren’t the answer. So suck it up and keep doing your own thing until something fresh comes along.


3. The Break-Up Plagues The Back Of Your Mind

You broke up, remember? Of course you remember. That’s all you thought about for weeks or months, depending on how long you dated. You most likely pouted around for a bit, or you went and slept with a bunch of people. Grieving happens in different ways! (No judgments.) Either way, when you get back together, the break up will always be there. It happened and you won’t forget about it. So it’s almost like you can see the doomsday, but you just don’t know when. It’s hard to come back from that.

4. The Baggage Just Keeps Growing.

The longer you toy with this not so brilliant idea of getting into something you shouldn’t (AGAIN), the more baggage you are acquiring. When you eventually move on, you have to add it to your dating resume. You resume bullet will say “Got back together with ex. Willingly walked into an additional 3 month emotional roller-coaster because I’m a dumbass and don’t listen to my friends.” Good luck with that.

Why Going Back To Your Ex Is A Terrible Idea.

Life has no guarantees. And sure, you have a slim chance at working it through with your ex. But make sure you think about why it ended, and how it ended. Can you come back from that? Will it ever be the same? I’m no Miss Cleo, so I can’t tell you the future. But what I can tell you is that you should move on. I always prefer fresh food to leftovers.

[P.S: The caption under the first picture was a reference to the song Back To You by Selena Gomez which was also featured in the Netflix show, "13 Reasons Why."]

All love,

Angelina25 <3

Why Going Back To Your Ex Is A Terrible Idea.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Whoa! you get kudos for mentioning miss cleo! But I think getting back with ex's can be a good thing sometimes. However, your list helps to make sure it's actually a good thing to do. I think it really depends on why the breakup happened in the first place. Obviously, cheating, abuse and lack of interest are all things to consider. But it is possible to breakup over something that can be repaired. My take will appear shortly and one of my themes is people are too quick to get a divorce. All I am saying is that sometimes it might be worth taking another shot with an ex but it really depends on the situation too. But I also agree with your point as well, that if you broke up you probably had a good reason for doing it. I think remembering the reason would help to determine if the relationship is worth saving/rekindling or not.
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    • Thanks for the MHG!!! and the fun MyTake!!! Thanks for Sharing!!!

  • CallMeDave
    I agree. I've never gone back to an ex. I had one that tried hard to get me to take her back, but I remembered why I had broken up with her in the first place and didn't want to have to deal with that again.

    I don't break up until I have tried everything I can think of and it seems hopeless. Why would I ever want to get back with someone that I already know I can't have a good relationship with?
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Anonymous
    That's a great mytake. I really enjoyed it. But sometimes when you are not looking, the ex and the other ex get back together for a healthier relationship than before or end up to be good friends in the end. It all depends what is in the cards.
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  • FlorandFauna
    Good!!! Omg I needed to hear that quote " stop looking for happiness the same plac you lost it"

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  • OlderAndWiser
  • FMJ_Guy
    It didn't work the first time. Why are you being stupid enough to think it will work the second time?
    "Fool me once, shame on you!! Fool me twice, shame on me!!"
    Always forward and NEVER looking back!!!
  • Anpu23
    That's interesting as my wife and I have broken up twice. But here we are together and happy after 15 years of being together THIS time. We just married again a few months ago and we met over 30 years ago in high school. The truth is that the reasons for the breakups are in our past.
  • Browneye57
    Yup. You must have been reading my answers. :)

    Or, taking an ex back is like rooting through the trash - you might find something you like but it's still trash. :)
  • Knighted2170
    Nicely written.
    I have never gone back to an ex. I've remained friends with them, but never gotten romantically involved again.
    Why? Something was wrong. We can be friends. But the romantic relationship was shit. You can't turn shit into gold. Even a polished turd stinks.
  • Justacatlady
    I have always gone by, If we break up there was a reason. I have never gotten back with an ex. Nicely written.
  • Halucinator
    I wanna hold you
    the way that I’m supposed to

    I know I’d go back to you
    tana tana tana tana na
    *Dance break* as Kate would’ve said lol

    Jokes apart, I loved this take
    I’ve a breakup take too😂😂
  • Logorithim
    Very good Take, and those are things that anyone should think over. I do, however, think that these things can be overcome in some circumstances when the breakup was amicable or relatively so and you were both somewhat compatible.
  • JessForAdvice
    I don’t think going back is a bad idea depending on the break up.

    Sometimes it’s the case of the wrong time in life.

    If it’s cheating etc I wouldn’t.
  • vishna
    I agree that most of the time, it's just a horrible idea.

    I think it can work for some though, but not most.
  • clampfan101
    I think it depends on what “went wrong”. That it’s sometimes possible to pick up the pieces and start again after some alone time followed by casual conversations about it.
  • Itani
    As much as I'd love to take my ex back, we didn't end badly, cl and i still love him, but it's not worth the heart ache.
  • olga2530
    there is a Russian proverb, you can not make a broken cup, even if you glue it, it's temporary.
  • Carpetmanandkoop
    When I was in my early teens I was dating a girl we broken up and I went back a few weeks later because she wanted me back and it was like slipping on an old shoe... an old shoe that still had a rock that I left in it. Since then I've never gone back I have always close the door and never even thought about going back to a failed relationship
  • gypsydream
    My boyfriend and I are the annoying couple that have broken up and gotten back together a million times (3). If the love is still there, it's not going to magically disappear. During the break up periods I would try so hard to talk myself out of being with him but could never fully do it because I love him so much and always felt he was the one. I feel like the break ups were the best things for us because they gave us realizations and motivation to want to work on our relationship to make it the best it can be. Our breaks were mostly due to circumstances (like recent long distance) but after 3 years, just thinking about him or waiting for him to visit still gets me excited.
    • Friends episode: Rachel wants a "break" with boyfriend Ross who drowns his sorrows inside the vagina of a Barrista. Rachel finds out and that's it for their relationship. "But we were on a BREAK!!" he keeps insisting. Playing Breakup Games carries that risk

  • GlenTrez
    Depends on the reason they split up in the first place. Might have been that they were too immature for a relationship and now they are mature enough.
  • AngelicSin
    What's the point of getting back with your es when there are so many hot single men out there?
  • DocilexElle
    We broke up the first time because I was afraid to start a relationship. Now, I am ready!
  • juicyjessie
    I love the reference to a yard sale and buying your crap back! So true!
  • OpalLi
    I absolutely agree with you
    going back to ex is a terrible idea
  • Lance1965
    Never go back. You just setting yourself up for more of the same.
  • ShesAmerican
    Fair points, but i remain friends with an ex because it’s a mature thing to do in my opinion
  • Oram52
    I absolutely agree, clean break and move on. That's exactly what psychologists say.
  • LegateLanius
    Thank you. I think sometimes, you can go back but only if the issues have been resolved.
  • DiegoO
    Going back under the exactly same terms is a bad idea. It's not if both know what went wrong.
    • DiegoO

      You know, that's the problem of the 21th century, we constantly want something new and not wanting to fix things. Fixing things comes from two, in a relationship. If there is the true willingness to make things better, why not go with that? Many are scared of commitment, and looks for a perfection which doesn't exist. If you want to live happily ever after with someone it may only be with your shadow, cause where there is a relationship there are good days and bad days. What makes a difference is the effort a couple do to overcome their storms.

    • Well said. Relationships take work from both parties.

  • Deukalion
    Because it's past and it was wrong that you broke up, and how we say in Greece "the river never goes back"
  • JimRSmith
    Good points, well argued.
    l take no girls back all crap to me
  • RedRobin
    Nice take
  • Chanel1981
    I agree that 9.5/10 times it's a terrible idea!
  • Emma_240302
    LOL nice
  • Ge_inthe_van
    daym and i thought everyone knew this from tv
  • Penelope_
  • worldscolide
    all true good mytake
  • LeaLee
    Great Take!
  • jdool
    Makes perect sense to me
  • TonyWilliams
    That's a terrible idea
  • CT_CD
    Great myTake
  • sexcrazed123
    great take.
  • PrinceMarvel
    Never clever
  • DennisAllen
    because he is your ex!!!
  • Sampan2017
    I appreciate
  • HeyHeyHeyILikeGames
    Pretty true
  • Smf1989
    fantastic take
  • Anonymous
    Nice take
  • Anonymous
    Great read! But I cannot stop thinking about my ex and how she’s brings out the worst in me. HOW do I get o get out it?
  • Anonymous
    Interesting and thoughtful post.
  • Anonymous
    True. I also think people need to give each other full closure when things go south.

    I confess I was hung up on one ex for 3 years. Probably the closest girl to a potential wife but I met her at the wrong time in my life.

    She gave me very little closure when we broke up. I knew it was coming but I wanted to hear her tell the truth.
  • Anonymous
    I totally agree!
  • Anonymous
    But what if it's true love?
    • Why did it end in the first place, in spite of being true love?