Why does he keep coming back?

I like this guy been knowing him for like 9 months now but he has a gf. We messed around very briefly in the past and we have this amazing chemistry. He would just come over to spend time with me without sex so I knew he loved my company. But I broke it off with him twice because I hardly seen him and because he had a girlfriend and I wished he was single. So I hated just being a friend and I told him how I felt and he just listened. He seems happy with her but when we are together we laugh so much. But every time I break it off with him, he comes back like a month later. y? I don't understand. We don't have just a sexual relationship and he is always working. I can't just be friends with him because I like him. I feel he really likes me but he likes his girlfriend more?

I'll forget him. completely now and mean it when I break it off.


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  • Look girl there is something between you, maybe he is playing tough trying not to show his affections for you. In the mean time if he was soo happy why come back looking for you? guys are not as feeling less as they wanna look. There is Something about you that he wants and he does not get with the other girl, if he cared that much about her why keep doing this with u? Trust me he does like you. Just let him chase you until he realizes what he really wants and be patient if you really want him. Guys do a lot of stupid stuff. Keep going with your life and have fun. Stay open get to know other guys but don't tell him about it. Guys are very territorial. Do everything you wanna do with him because we don't know how long we are going to live. So enjoy and be confident. Be patient. He is coming back to you and I am sure there is a god reason. At some point he will show his true feelings And protect your heart. Do not show your feeling at all. Be friendly and fun even very sexual. This will intrigue him even more. Have fun with it send him sexy pictures and don't write anything sweet or mushy. Make sure you are stuck somehow on his head. Guys are visual. Make sure you look perfect. Guys opinions matter get those before you send them. Get your image in his head and retreat. Make sure you are really good in bed and out. And learn all you can about what men like in the bedroom. Is their weakness really. Do what nobody does. Be the exception of the rule. Do not always do what he says. Argue every now and then. Tease him a bit. Be detached but cool. Never ask when you will see him again or make another date. Let him do it. Trust me. He will find you. Men need to feel like the men in the relationship. Just stand your ground like you have that's good. Good luck girl I got a tough guy too, he just don't know I got him yet. They're kind of stupid LOL...he keeps making this futile s attempts to leave and ends up back few weeks later so don't worry. You will have him on your pocket in no time. I am not worried; no sweating at all. You shouldn't either. We are obviously great. So just give him time to realize he is yours... Go Brangelina

    • We have not seen each other forever and we are way pass going out. We ended it remember? Plus, I showed him how much I liked him, much more effort then he has but he never appreciated it so I just don't understand how he comes back like this like he wants to be with me but doesn't try too by actually doing it or pursuing me since I left. you know? But I'm done caring. he's not the man for me obviously.

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  • okay , so you two have chemistry. but he has a gf...and he's very much into her as well...but when you break "it" off with him, he comes back? sounds like someone's trying to have his cake and eat it too. there is a possibility that being in your company provides him with something that his current girlfriend can't provide, so he's getting it from you. it's never a good idea to entertain a guy that has feelings for you when he has a girlfriend. you may need to get more aggressive when you break it off with him next time because if he's coming back to you repeatedly, you're not being firm enough. end it before it gets messy.

    • True and I was thinking that too but we were more friends than lovers although we are physically attracted to each other and would sometimes mess around. he never treated me like it was sex. Like I said I hardly see him anyways. Most of the time he is texting me nice messages. Maybe I'm not that seroius when I break it off cb if I was I was just ignore him when he came back but a part of me still wants to talk to him but I know nothings gonna change. Your right tho. I need too.

    • Yeah, it's hard getting over a guy that you really like but you won't regret breaking it off with him for good in the long run, unless you want some awkward drama with his girlfriend lol.

    • Yep. thanks

  • I just got rid off one. He is probably a stalker; if he can't stop and keeps coming back It doesn't means he loves you, he just can't stop. He is selfish and he might be sick as well. Stop seeing him. He is wasting your time. He needs to be out of your life completely or with you completely and he will keep stringing you along forever, believe me if you allow him. Ask him for a commitment and watch him run for the hills. Do it! See where he stands. You deserve a complete person. Look and see why are you settling? What happened to you that makes you think you don't deserve way more than that? Check with a therapist. Reality check. Wake up and you will get the boyfriend you deserve! Good luck with everything!