Ex boyfriend misses me. How do I react?

my ex split up with me 2 months ago and moved out, and he has done nothing but text since, if he has seen me with my lad mates he's freaked asking if they're my boyfriend or not! its really childish as we are both 21.

i have ignored his text messages for about a month now so as to continue the no contact rule, but I saw him at a festival I went to last week, he text about the lads I was with asking if they were my boyfriend or not... I replied after the festival and was chatting for a while in a light heart way joking about things with him! just because I don't see the point in fighting with him! I have been more than amicable about the split as I have realized there's nothing I can do about the breakup so why hold grudges!

I am still in love with him, so when he text me tonight saying " I have to say I proper miss you sometimes, and I really don't want to. x" it has totally confused me... because it seems he's trying his hardest to get over me but is finding it harder than he thought!

can you force yourself to get over someone you clearly still care about? I'm not a horrible person I think he just felt a little trapped by the relationship!

i stand by the saying if you love someone you let them go... blah blah blah.

what do you guys think? is he just messing about or if I hold out for a few weeks will he realize his error?

i would never put my life on hold for him, in fact I'm quite enjoying being single and having my own life, but I do miss him a lot...

what do I reply to that message, it was late late night so I've been able to ignore it till now... I miss him too but I am scared if I say that it will push him away, what's the best thing to say back if I want him back...?


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  • If you enjoy your single life, I say be single until you know you want to be back with him. If you do miss him and WANT to be back with him, then you guys should date again. But if you just miss him as a friend, just be friends and be casual. But don't play around with his feelings as he will think you are leading him on because you like being single while he doesn't.

    If you want him back, I say reply to it and don't seem needy. He will be happy you replied. I bet he was thinking of you all day til you reply too. That was how it was with me and my ex. He would wait and wait til I would reply. I took days and he would send me another text and even establish that if I had something wrong.

    But if you want to be serious, I suggest talking on the phone rather than shooting a text again. Say hey give me a call sometime. Texts seem so childish in my book. My ex would text me but I hate replying to the text... so finally he called and I talked to him. It was way better to hear his voice and hear that he was sincere.

    • I don't now, because its him that doesn't want to get back together not me!as he said in the message... he misses me, but he DOESNT WANT to miss me! which is what I don't understand. I didn't reply in the end and I got a text the next day asking me about a concert we have tickets to together next week! I'm aprehensive about going with him because I'm not sure if itl be too much too soon!i dunnow I thought this might mean he wants to sort things,but then he was meeting a girl for a drink yesterday?

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  • Go to him in person, and tell him I miss you and love you, I wanna work things out. He chased you. You need to show him that effort now. Cause you haven't for the past 2 months.. I suggest you do it fast too.

  • If your with someone for a long time there are feelings you'll have for that person the rest of your life. You just can't forget the past but it is the past and you can't bring it back. If you really miss him tell him. If you don't miss him be nice and say thank you and it was good to see him to. Don't be mean and hurt him more I'm sure there has been enough pain. Breakup always hurt both.

    • I can't tell him I miss him because I'm scared that that's all he wants to hear from me, so he knows I'm there if he wants me back!! I'm not being mean to him and hurting him, you have to understand he broke my heart and said he wants to cut contact all together, but then texts all the time even though I'm ignoring him! to me he's just game playing. but I don't see why he would tell me he misses me if he doesn't want to sort things out.. wich I am pretty sure he doesnt! I just don't want to scare him off!

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  • Ok firstly he broke up with you right? I think your doing a great job for keeping so calm about him missing you and wanting you back. What I think you should do now is figure out why you broke up and why your relationship didn't workout the first time... and also take into consideration he may think he misses you but he prob just misses having that companionship and because he doesn't have noone else his going back to you and seeing you with other guys is getting the best of him which is making him want you more. but I beleive there are or their should not be ne games in love if you still care for him and he does too and its genuine and you both have talked aboiut it get back together and stop kidding yourself none of this game playing if you love each other truly you should be together =]

    • Yes he split up with me, but he has told me previously that we wernt getting back together.which is why I just left it. we were texting though yesterday just like normally and having a joke around, he said that he had really wanted to come over and speak to me when he saw me but dint want to be arkward! and then he said he missed me. my problem is I don't want to tell him I miss him too, incase it is just the companionship he misses and he does still want to be broken up! its just confusing!

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    • I already asked him a month ago and he said he loves me but doesn't think we can be together.. then a few weeks later he text saying "theres everyone else then there's u, I hope I'm not just a figure in your past, you changed my life and ill be forever gratefull" and I just told him to go away and to stop messing my head about!he is trying his hardest to get over me I no that!im just scared that if I tell him I miss him he will back off cus all he needs to no is that I'm still there if he wants me! you get me

    • Yeah I do but don't give him that satisfaction I think its time for you to shut him out of your life completely if he really truly did love you, you would already be together by now his playing games and its not making you happy... leave it you will be wayy better off trust me

  • I MEAN HELL if you want him back then tell him that you miss him, but

    it seems like he's not over you and wants to kno your every move, which isn't cool wen you want to be done with him,

    but if you want him back, just take your time getting back with him, and also think why you broke up and if it might happen again. good luck girlie :D

  • i dated a guy for 2 years and he's told me he missed me. honestly, I know he just can't make up his mind... of course he misses me, but he lost that chance when he dumped me 2 years ago.

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