Would you let your friend invite YOUR EX to his/her party?

I and my EX have a mutual friend John. John is my best friend and its his birthday next week. He promised to my EX and her friends that he was going to invite them to a party but then I broke up with my girlfriend.

John told me that he didn't invite my EX and her friends because he didn't want to make me upset. He also told me that its totally up to me and if I want I can invite them to his birthday party and if not its totally cool. To be honest I would rather not party with my EX-girlfriend BUT its my best friend's birthday and I have a lot of respect for him. I want his birthday party to be the best one ever and if he can get lucky with one of my EX's friends good for him.

I broke up with my EX and told her I don't want to see or talk to her ever again.

What would you do if you were in my shoes? Would you invite your EX or tell your friend that its best if she doesn't come BUT its totally his choice and I'll respect it?
  • Say YES and invite my EX myself
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  • Say YES and tell my friend to invite my EX
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  • Say YES but stay there only for a short period of time
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  • Say NO but say its your party so its your choice and Im OK with anything
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  • Say NO and tell him if she comes I won't come
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When you see your EX at the party do you completely ignore him/her?
I told my friend that Im not comfortable if she comes but its his party so he has the ultimate decision to make and I will respect it.


Most Helpful Girl

  • It's not my fuckin' party so it doesn't matter what I think. If I really had such an issue with it then I wouldn't go.

    But if it's a large enough venue / party then do your best to just ignore her. Hard to do when you've got liquor in your system, but you'll manage.

    • Its a house party so we would bump into each other. I just told my friend that Im still not comfortable being around her so I won't invite her. Apologized for the inconvenience and said that its his birthday and his party so he has the ultimate decision to invite these girls and I will respect whatever he chooses to do.

    • As you should, because yeah, it's his party. Don't go if you think you can't handle it. Promise to celebrate with him some other day.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Your friend seems like a very great guy for considering how you feel abou tit and giving you the say in the matter. I personally would tell him that I don't want my ex to be there, that is if the relationship ended badly.

    If my ex and I ended things on good terms, and my friend had already promised her that she could come, then I would let my friend invite her.


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What Girls Said 2

  • let?

    it's not your party. if they were friends before, you have no right trying to break up their friendship merely because your relationship ended.

  • I would say D and especially not E because then if you do go with E then he will feel like he has to choose between you too & he will be put in an uncomfortable position.

    • Cheers and if he invites her and she comes should I just totally ignore her and leave early?

    • i guess try not to ignore her completely because that is pretty rude but i guess if your really uncomfortable you can ignore her. But if you leave early i guess your friend wouldn't really be happy if you did, again thinking its his fault.

What Guys Said 1

  • it's not my party so it's none of my business who'l invite tehre basically...


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