Why is the second break up harder than the first?

my ex girlfriend and I dated for about a year before breaking up in the summer. while we wanted things to work out we were fighting a lot so we decided to split up.

it wasn't nearly as hard on me as it was on her and I got over it in about a month. also, about a month after our breakup I traveled to Ireland to study abroad...so I figured since I was in a completely different country I couldn't even worry about her if I wanted to.

when I got back she contacted me and we started dating again. however, we ran into the same problems. we dated from September to November and ended up breaking up again.

however, unlike the first breakup, this one seems so much harder than the first. even a few months later I can't move on completely. while I'm not nearly as sad as I was in November, I still have moments here and there. I'm about 90% over her, but can't get over her all the way, which is strange because in the summer when we broke up I definitely felt like I was all the way over her.

why is this? why is our second breakup harder to get over than the first? we broke up over the same reasons both times.

i kind of want to talk to her and hang out with her again and see where it goes, but I don't know if a third time around will even work.

help? thanks!
Why is the second break up harder than the first?
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