Guys, why do you stay in close contact with your exes?

Me & my long distance ex broke up in March. We've stayed pretty close for a long time afterwards... text, FaceTime, sending selfies etc. up until like mid September. I sort of got over talking to him & didn't care if we did as much anymore so I stopped initiating texts/FaceTime as much & I don't send selfies. Anyway, more recently it was like he was initiating all contact. This week, He called me out on it and said "I see you don't want to hit me up anymore" (which was 100% true ). Also, when I said I didn't have his call listed on my call log he said "I am Probably talking to other dudes & deleting his calls" (not the case).

Anyway, I know this is a pattern. He calls a lot... I don't call him so he calls me out on it.. I then start iniating contact... I get mad when he doesn't respond since he complained about me not initiating contact... he gives a bs excuse... so I stop contacting him... and it just repeats from the beginning with him doing all the contacting Smh

With that said, I can't help but feel he is just trying to pull me back in to this annoying ass cycle, but I don't know if it's something else.

do y'all like to stay in your exes lives to control them? Keep an eye on what they are doing? Back-up plan? Genuinely want to be friends? idc
Guys, why do you stay in close contact with your exes?
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