How do I get over my ex calling me fat?

My ex boyfriend use to call me fat and he was so big on me working out 7 days a week. He would see me eating a cookie or something and he would say "do you want to be a fat Fuc*?!?!?!" was so embarrassing. I wasn't fat I am 5'9, 128 pounds. He just completely took my confidence and destroyed it. I am with a new guy now that doesn't care at all if I have a few extra pounds on me...he says my body is perfect and I need stop worrying so much. I won't let my boyfriend see me naked of even in a bikini...i just don't want him to feel the same way my ex did. This issue is really messing our relationship up...even with sex I make sure the lights are off and I won't let him touch my breast or anything! He just wants me to relax and show my body...i am so afraid of doing this. How do I let go and feel free in my own skin?
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I don't care what my ex said...i just don't want my boyfriend to look at me and feel the same way he did.
How do I get over my ex calling me fat?
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