When someone blocked me and I changed my user name on instagram, will they see my new user name under their "block users" list?

i believe some guys here have misunderstood me. What I meant was i do not want any possibilities for my ex to "check me out" in the blocked list. But I guess he'll still see my new username if I changed it to a new one under his blocked list


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  • I think they'd still have you blocked , it just show your new name on block list instead , either way your still blocked if that's what your wondering

    • so my account cannot totally disappear in his blocked list? Ok i understand thanks!!

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  • Obviously not. It's common sense. Your new username is like a new person to the system/computer. It literally has no association with your old one. Also, stop trying to stalk/bother someone that blocked. Have some respect (for yourself and for them).


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