Could you give someone who broke your heart a second chance?

If you fell head over heels for this girl/guy and he/she ended things then came back asking for a second chance could you give it to them?


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  • No, I definitely could not. Don't get me wrong - it seems to work for some people. He may even think he truly means it, but it is a different question entirely if it wouldn't happen again. I don't think I could trust the guy or ever care for them as much again if they hurt me that much. I could forgive them and maybe be friends, but I couldn't force myself to feel the same way again. So my advice: could you see yourself ever trusting him and caring about him freely again after what he did? If yes, feel him out to see if he is genuine and take it slow. If not, don't waste your or his time. Life is too short to pretend, and in the meantime you could find the one who cares enough to not hurt you that much. Just be honest with yourself about if he is worth the risk again.

    • Yep, I agree with this gal.

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    • In that case, you can look at it from his perspective. You did still hurt him, so you need to give him time to decide if he is willing to take the risk again. Try to be as certain as possible that you won't drop him again if timing becomes inconvenient. Be genuine and honest. Whatever his decision, don't try to convince him the opposite. If he is not ready, remember your life is too short to waste too and you want someone who wants to be with you. If he's ready to try again, I wish you the best.

    • This girl gives great advice. It does depend on the circumstances. If you're cheated on and they broke your heart that's one thing if they left because it wasn't the right time that's another. Personally I could never forgive anyone that did that, but that's just me.. I'm very much one strike and you're out. Don't pressure the guy, but be there and show him you're serious, he needs to learn to trust you again and that will take time and patience. Good luck!

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  • something like that has happened very recently with me .,. and I'm the sort of person to whom even the smallest of things matter the most.. though she's been asking me for another chance continiously, I still have doubts... sometimes I want too, but sometimes I'm scared...i feel bad that I'm keepin her hangin like this for my decision but I just don't know whta to do.

    i really don't wana get hurt anymore,

    cos however special she might be to you , ur ass comes first !

    • Definately, but if you really care about someone is that person worth passing up? No one wants to get hurt but what if the other person is ready to lay it all on the line and do there best not to hurt you again? What would it take for you to give her another chance?

  • my heart is broken right now and we didn't end bad or anything but it is very hurtful...if she wanted to be back today I would take her! situation is that I know I am in her heart it is just she wants different things right now and is going through a lot of changes in her I'm going to do my thing but I would take her back because she is so special and I know I if I did she would be back for the long term


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  • HA! This actually relates to my current poll question, lol.

    I HAVE done this. I think sometimes you don't realize what you have until it's gone -- and that's kind of what it was in his case. But to give someone another chance, you have to be open about it, and I wasn't 100% over the fact that when he broke up with me it was the most random thing ever. So I was incredibly hurt after, and it was ridiculously hard to really give us another chance.

    I think if you understand the thought process for the breakup AND for wanting to get back together there's a possibilty for it to work out. People fight. People get confused about what they want. People breakup and get back together. It happens. You have to be able to realize what went wrong the last time and fix it if it's within your power to do so. Otherwise, you're setting yourself up for another breakup.


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