My Ex is Now Dating His Best Friend

He and I were together 18 months. And he was everything I ever wanted, we got pretty serious. Then, he swears, he just fell out of love with me suddenly.

I am trying so hard to get over it. I'm still alone. It's been 10 months. I feel pathetic.

Now, he is with a girl that has always been good friends with him, even when I was with him. She recently left her high school sweetheart.

I just feel, so horrible inside. Like, I wonder if he always secretly wanted to be with her, and I think that they are probably better together even though I thought he and I were great together and would end up married, and now I think they are that couple.

I feel like the only way for me to feel better is to find someone. Is that bad? How can I get over this? Make me feel better, please. :/
My Ex is Now Dating His Best Friend
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