My Ex is Now Dating His Best Friend

He and I were together 18 months. And he was everything I ever wanted, we got pretty serious. Then, he swears, he just fell out of love with me suddenly.

I am trying so hard to get over it. I'm still alone. It's been 10 months. I feel pathetic.

Now, he is with a girl that has always been good friends with him, even when I was with him. She recently left her high school sweetheart.

I just feel, so horrible inside. Like, I wonder if he always secretly wanted to be with her, and I think that they are probably better together even though I thought he and I were great together and would end up married, and now I think they are that couple.

I feel like the only way for me to feel better is to find someone. Is that bad? How can I get over this? Make me feel better, please. :/


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  • People can lose feelings for each other, it happens. It's not "bad" that you want to find someone else to help you get over him, as long as you make sure you're not using that person as a rebound. I recently just got out of something with someone I felt serious about, but once I spent more of my time with friends and thought less about him, it cheered me up again and put me back on my feet. You should do the same.

  • I think part of the reason why it still hurts so bad is because you HAVEN'T found someone else. But it's okay to feel like you need someone else. As long as you're really. Because you have to be open with your heart, not date in order to fill a void because you're probably going to end up hurting the guy that you're with. And I'm sorry...there's nothing I can say to make you feel better. You have to find ways to make yourself feel better. I was in the same boat as you, up until maybe 3 months ago. Even though my ex and I had been broken up for nearly a year before he started dating someone else.

    It's gonna hurt. On and off. For me, t hurt when my ex and I broke up and it hurt when he got with someone else. And it hurt when THEY broke up (because deep down I knew it didn't mean we'd get back together anyway so it hurt that he was available yet still out of reach). And personally, I think one of the worst things my friends would tell me was that I'd find someone better. Made me cringe EVERY TIME I heard it, lol. So my advice to you? Find outlets. Write in a journal. Write a letter to him (withOUT actually sending it to him) and just pour out all of your emotions. Take time to dwell, but don't spend all day dwelling. Talk to your friends about it (the ones who will just let you vent, not tell you to get over it). Force yourself to go out with your friends, but be okay with staying home and watching movies. Be a little selfish. Go after things you want.

    And don't assume that just because they're best friends they'll be together forever. Just because you see it on tv doesn't mean it's real. You'll just tear yourself apart with that one...


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