Why does my ex act like he doesn't even know me?

We were together a year and a half, and then he fell out of love with me. It's been over a year. He just got a new girlfriend and everything, so you think he'd be friendly to me if I was to him, right?

He left me. So, why is it that when we happen to pass each other on campus, he just kinda stares at me like it's an unwanted surprise?

And even when he is at work, and I need something, he just says "Hello" very formally. As if we didn't spend over a year of our lives being intimate with one another. I don't even get a "Hey" or a "How are you?" Ever.

Is this weird?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I mean, yes it's weird, but I think it's pretty common. Guys get weird about things like that. Why'd he "fall out of love" with you? Something probably hurt him. But I'm just guessing.

    • He says he doesn't know why he fell out of love. "You didn't do anything wrong." exact words.

What Girls Said 1

  • The main reason is probably the fact that he has a new girlfriend. If there has ever been a reason for a guy (or girl) to not talk to an ex, it is that. Most women (not all, so please don't be mad anyone, I said most) get infuriated (read the other questions on this site) when an exgirlfriend is in the picture or when their new boyfriend is still friendly with an exgirlfriend.

    He hasn't forgotten that you spent over a year of your lives together. He is probably just trying to avoid creating a wound that will likely never close (the new girlfriend seeing you two as friends).

    Once the relationship progresses, trust is gained, etc he will likely be a little more casual with you. If it really bothers you, try to be friendly (if you really want to press for friendship) or just back off (not that you're really doing anything) and let him come to you if he decides he wants to be friends.

    • That could be. It's just that he's been doing this for several months, even before they were together.

    • Honestly, although it seems popular on this site, I don't know that many people who stay friends after breaking up. If it's been going on for months, then it's probably moreso he isn't interested in friendship than the new girlfriend thing.

    • Well, even so, it just seems weird he won't even act casual.

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