Girlfriend broke up with me because I don't want to marry?

I dated my girlfriend for almost 2 years, I'm 24 and she's 27 (just a month from turning 28). The first year was awesome, we had a lot of fun but then things started falling apart.

Got a new job where I'm paid very well, and my uncle owns part of the business so I'm sure I'll be stable for a while. My girlfriend though, she has always been working the same job since we ever met and she kinda took it to next level serious once I got this new job.

I can't be judged for thinking somewhere deep down she wants long term commitment from me because of my current income. It may be unfair to think so. But trust me the fights have increased and not only me but some of my friends and even my father notices how she became almost obsessed with the idea of marrying me. Our last fight was huge and I nearly broke up with her on the spot because she was acting too controlling.

She called me to meet, and out of the blue she puts the ultimatum "if you don't marry me this is simply not going to work" and I told her the truth "I don't want to marry you, at least not now". She said we've broken up.
That was yesterday, but today I had a call from her which I didn't answer and honestly I don't think I feel the same way.

My dad told me she is about to hit the 30's wall, and that some women get a lot of pressure to lock down a guy, marry and have kids before their biological clock ends and they get old. It makes sense, but I'm still unsure what exactly happened. Opinions?

Girlfriend broke up with me because I don't want to marry?
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