How do I know if he's hurt?

okay so me and my boyfriend of a year and a half recently just broke up a week ago, he found out that I had cheated on him in December when I was drunk, he completely erased me out of his life and won't talk to me, I know I made a mistake and I really regret it and I know that its over for good, we were really in love, and he's the sensitive type .. I just feel so guilty :( is he hurt? could that be the reason why he won't talk to me?


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  • Hey Mushy1111

    Well if his the sensitive type of guy then yes he will be hurting. But I have done that before and I had a hard time getting the one night stand guy to leave me alone but my boyfriend and I are back together. So If he REALLY loves you then he would understand you were drunk and didn't do it on purpose then he would give you another chance , he can't say he hasn't done anything wrong in a previous relationship. Just get him out with his friends and your friends and get them together at a cafe or something and just sit down and explain to him what happened and ask him if he REALLY loves you and if he says " yes " then you should ask for another chance. Take this from someone who knows about this all too well. Get him in a place with his friends and your friends then he will have to talk to you and ask him these questions :

    Are you still hurting from what I done ?

    Do you understand what actually happened ?

    Do you REALLY truly love me ?

    Will you give me another chance ? ( only ask this one if he says " Yes! " to the previous question )

    Take care and tell me how it goes x


    • Thank you this is really great advice :) .. I will defently let you know how it all works out, but I fear that its offically over for good this time, and there's nothing I can do :/

    • @Kymmie
      it does not matter if she was drunk
      she dont deserve him
      she is the bad person here
      she should walk away

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  • I had an almost identical experience. If he's anything like me, then he's extremely hurt. I've been broke up since February and still cry my eyes out. And if he's hurt, he probably won't talk to you or come out and say it directly for fear of being rejected or hurt worse. When I spoke out, it blew up in my face.


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  • I think you should ask yourself that question, you know the answer!

  • No, he's absolutely happy that he cheated on you *sarcastically* He's hurt. That's why he broke up with you. If he didn't care, he would have stayed. But it's one of those things that guys really can't get over with because if you were to have sex with him, his only thought will probably be "someone has been in all the places where I've been with this girl and she didn't even care enough to tell me" and probably thinking to himself "i tasted his penis in her" Great thought, isn't it?

  • First off if you say you are in love... why would you cheat? And if he is in love with he is HURT. You should just give him space. Its only been a week. Give him more time. Its hard to rebuild a relationship after someone cheats. Especially, if he is a sensitive person.

    I would give him more time and you need more time to figure how you are gonna fix this problem. And also prepare yourself for being let down.


  • Are you the most insensitive person in the world? Of course he's hurt. Men would rather have their hand cut off than have their girlfriend cheat on them.


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