Guys, what are your thoughts, am I just stupid?

I met this guy , I really liked him, the day we met was, before his hockey game so we talked and he kissed me, that day I asked what he was looking for and he said it depends on how we get along, which I thought was fair.

I saw him again awhile later, I was incredibly comfortable with him, which is rare for me. Anyways I went to his place and we made out and I gave him a bj. I had never done that before, afterwards we cuddled on the couch and we talked, he travels for work and he let me know he was leaving for work in a few days.

While he was away we still spoke, he also made requests as well and I wanted to make him happy. One of the things he wanted me to wear was a costume for him, so I let him help pick one out and I bought it, he liked the idea of a pink thong so I got that for him, he wanted to see and I did. He told me about certain things he was into as well, they weren't things I liked but again I am an accepting and understand person and I said I would try new things with him. One of those things was me finding another girl to join me in going down on him, which I did , he also liked being puked on and pissing on girls. Those were things I agreed to, to make him happy. While he was away he also make a comment about how he wanted me to be tiny and lose weight so I would be tiny, he suggested I weight 110lbs, he wanted me this way because it would be sexy to make me puke and piss on me. When I got upset he backtracked and said he liked the way I look.

After all of that I ended up only seeing him twice when he got back. In fact as it turns out, he only ever made me believe he wanted me was because he was being nice and didn't want to hurt my feelings, he simply thought I was into giving him bjs. He also said he was just some guy I gave them to and that was it. I was completely devastated when he was saying that. I told him I was loyal and waiting for him, he just thought I only wanted to please one guy.

I feel stupid and used.
For the record, I never did puke on him, never had him piss on me (he had wanted to record him doing it too) and never did what he wanted with the other girl.

He also says we are friends, and said to trust him that when he's in town again we'll get together... this is after I blew up at him... I try everyday to figure out why I deserved that... all I got was that he didn't mean to hurt me...


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  • As I'm reading this I have this feel to kick his ass first and then to pinch your ears for falling into this stupid trap. What a useless piece of garbage he truly is.

    • I honestly do feel stupid, he said he was only looking for fun after I confronted him and I asked him more than once what he was looking for. He was never honest with me, it was okay to lie and make me believe something rather than tell me the truth. Had I known that's all he was after I wouldn't have done anything.

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  • That sounds sort of manipulative of him. Please don't do things just for other people.


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  • Lol as soon as I saw the words "puked on" I literally laughed and said what the fuck. Don't do weird ass shit like that. And don't be so naive. Learn a lesson from that. Be smarter. Be better.

  • Glad u realised it.

  • well you fell into that pretty fast if you ask me

    • I believed his lies and I feel like the worlds biggest idiot.

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    • I had never done any of those things so they were all firsts for me. I would have never done anything for him had he told me the truth from the start.

    • well like i said there are guys out there, that are really good at fooling ladies

  • You actually pucked on him

    • No I never did.

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    • At least you never had sex

    • Everyday I struggle with figuring out what I did so horribly wrong that I deserved that.

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