How to make my ex regret cheating on me?

We were together 4 years and one day he decides to cheat. I am so close with his family and he just wants me out of the picture so he ignores me and gossips about me to people. How can I show him that I'm better off without him and also how do I explain to him that I want to be friends with him and his family regardless.

Thanks for all the advice. I will try it.


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  • I have sort of been in the same position with a cheating ex, but he didn't really gossip about me. I decided to just be extra nice to him after, act really understanding and friendly, even if I had to fake it. This made my ex feel really guilty for what he did and he ended up apologising to me after, and nearly crying because of how much he'd hurt me especially since I was so nice to him still. The best way is to make him realize his own mistakes by making him see what he did to such a nice girl and regretting that he ever lost you, not playing him at his own game and trying to force him to feel bad. It works, trust me. What is someone going to say to someone who is being nothing but nice to them? He is just going to look weird if he continuously bitches about you when your treating him with respect. Me and my ex actually became good friends after the whole thing happened, I know he learnt his lesson and felt bad for hurting me, so it was easy to move on from it and become good friends. So you should try it.


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  • hey... if he doesn't want you to be frnds with his family and he is ignoring u...i c no point of forcing frndships on people...

    and as far as showing him tht you are better off... act like you are better off... look happy, go out with frnds, meet new cute guys.. date them... take part in activities like..i dnt know gym, salsa... nething... show him tht your life has so much more fun with him gone

    that will help bringing him down to earth...and he will reaize wht he lost... don't please...dont behave like you are so desperate to be frnds with him and his family... you be frnds with him when he calls u..and when he shows willingness. please girl..he just cheated on u...u don't need him or his family...u have your own frnds and with them,

  • Let me get this straight...he cheated on you, wants you out of the picture, and you are trying to stay in it? That is the NUMBER ONE worst way to let him know you are better off without him, and honestly I don't think you believe you are. Otherwise you wouldn't care so much what he thought about what you did and how you are handling things.

    You sound like a nice person, but there's a fine line sometimes between being nice and allowing yourself to be treated like dirt.

    Move on, he's not worth your time. If you see his family in the store or whatever then be nice, that's a way to show them you are friends with them, but that's as far as that should go as well. He broke all that up when he cheated on you.


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