She said "I'll let you know by..." but never did?

Well, I've been seeing this girl since last June and we've gone on many "dates" together. All of them have been just us.(15+ dates). So far, our relationship is beyond confusing. We generally do not talk to each other unless we are together, but when we are, we are inseparable (spelling :\). But the relationship is unspoken and unofficial. I also have to basically initiate everything, but she is extremely responsive and cooperative. She has flaked on me before, but its very very rare, and this brings me to my main problem.

Last week, I asked her if she'd like to go bowling on the weekend. She accepted, but said that Friday would be better. So I tell her that ill pick her up at 3, but then she tells me that she will "Let me know" if 3 is fine on Friday. Kinda strange, but she has done that before with no issues after. Fast forward to today(Friday), and the only time I heard from her was for something she needed. Otherwise, nothing about the date we were suppose to go on. Date time passes, and still nothing.

Now I know she had college classes today to I've been thinking that might be why, and she just forgot to tell me that she could not come. But I would think she would text me or something, even after date time.. confusing.

For some reason this really has bothered me today, and I'm trying to figure out if its even worth my time to contact her anymore. Maybe I'm just overreacting...

Anyways, what should I do, and should I contact her or wait for her to contact me? Like I said earlier, we've been on at least 10-15+ dates so this is unlike her.
She said "I'll let you know by..." but never did?
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