Toxic guy or had feelings?

He always left me on read. After a year of similar behaviour, I finally told him that his behaviour shows that he doesn't want to talk or meet up and I will stop messaging if he doesn't want any contact.

He got angry and disrespected me in front of people.

When I told him how disrespectful his behaviour was, he started saying its pissing him off, the conversation is crossing limits. I tried to touch his arm but he moved me away saying don't touch me.

I finally told him that I can no longer tolerate this behaviour and wished him good luck. However, he wanted to chat again but as usual, had no regrets and said why does it bother me if he disrespected me in front of people I don't know.

He denied having any feelings for me and proceeded to say that we can't go back to being the same as when you bake a cake, it can no longer be in its original form.

He said he has no problems with me, has no feelings for me, doesnvt view me as a friend but deleted me off whatsapp, saying he wants to "move on". When I asked him what does he want to move on from considering he has no feelings, he remained silent.

and even when I told him that I want to part ways on a positive note since I will be leaving the city, he still didn't re-add me.

Is this toxic behaviour or he had feelings?

Toxic guy or had feelings?
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