2 weeks after the fight and we Haven't talked at all...what should I do?

we were together almost 2 years, and have been broken up for 2 months when the fight happened...basically I tried to talk to him about something he did which I thought he shouldn't have done. my friend who has a fb told me he was telling a girl on fb she looked good, I don't have a fb so I have no way of knowing this and my friend sent me pics of it from their phone so I could see for myself. it was just flirting but it kind of disappointed me because I wouldn't think he would do that since he told me he wasn't talking to other girls during our "break". I wasn't dumb enough to believe him because I'm sure since we werent together he was going to play the field...i did some flirting as well with people I saw like at the store or something. but nothing like the things he said for all of our friends to see on fb. I called him and brought it up in a calm way but and he got super mad and hung up on me. he texted me that he wanted to know who told me and he wasn't talking to me until I did. so I told him and left him alone...but he went for a whole week without even texting or calling. so I decided to text him that I was over it and we can talk now. nothing. then I called him the next afternoon. nothing. left a voice mail. nothing so the next day I called him and could tell he ignored it. so my voice mail said I don't like you ignoring me, I told you what you wanted to know now id like to talk about this, yes id rather not talk to you if you are flirting with girls, but if it was nothing I will forget about it since we've been together so long...so he texts me back that I'm turning into a crazy ex and he doesn't want to talk to me anymore, he will block me if he has to and to leave him alone...i was like wow, just like that over something he did that was less than appropriate he wants to just jump to that option of never seeing me again after our long relationship...that was 2 weeks ago and I have made myself not contact him in any way. he hasn't either...should I just say I'm sorry for calling him out or just text him something like are you still mad? (honestly the girl is ugly and I don't think he was like trying to date her but I think he got caught and couldn't explain himself so he just took the easy way out.) or is this really the end? he has never told me he didn't want to talk to me again, but I have also never called him out for doing something like this.


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  • why would you want to be with someone like this? Don't put yourself through that. See if you can fix it but if you cant, you cant.


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